Meetings with Remarkable Men (Show Me the Hero)

Why did I name this post after a Harvey Danger song? Not any reason particular, just the fact that I've been spinning King James Version and Where Have All The Merrymakers Gone a ton over the last 24 hours. Maybe because my outfit is hardcore channeling the 90s? 

I mean there's a chance that this skirt and sweater were both actually from the 90s.
Most of this outfit has come from Urban Xchange in Tacoma over the course of a couple visits. Skirt - just over a year ago. Sweater and shoes - last week. And I honestly have no idea where the corset top came from. It was in my sister's closet, and she's at school, so it's basically my second closet.
Pardon the janky nails, but I feel like they kind of go with the destroyed tights. This look says "I've been in the same clothes since last night after I got in a fight with a cat. Also jazz hands."
Seriously - ripped rights, sequins, denim, velvet, and a duster cardigan? How much more late 90s angry girl music could I get?
My best friend Laura took these photos in my backyard, on our dirty porch, with all the junk askew. I kind of love the totally impromptu feel of it, because it was actually totally impromptu. We were in the backyard and she sat on this side table we had sitting outfit, and I took a picture of her and loved how it looked, so I handed the camera to Laura and said, "take some of me too!"
This is my deck. The stairs do not match the railings. It looks disgusting.
What was I looking at? I don't know. Clearly after running this blog for over a year, I'm getting more and more creative with posing? I've been watching way too much America's Next Top Model.
How do you feel about sequins? Or velvet? Or ripped rights? I say save them after you get a hole in them, because they can look quite cool when paired with the right stuff. My best bet - pair them with denim. 

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