Give 'em the ol' razzle dazzle

Everyone needs a little sparkle once in awhile, right? 

I've recently collected up some particularly glittery wardrobe staples, so I thought I'd spotlight them here, in case you needed any inspiration to add a little razzle dazzle to your closet. 

I'll stop using synonyms for shiny things now.

As I mentioned in my last outfit post, I found these glorious shoes at Urban Xchange, and I fell madly in love with them.

"But Abby, if you love them so much, why don't you marry them?"

Shut up, voice in my head.

No but really, I have found that these can add something special to any old mundane outfit. I've worn them to work twice, with jeans and with a dress, and they instantly make me feel like dancing. Like dancing an elaborate jazz number like Roxie Hart. 

"Isn't it grand? Isn't it great?
Isn't it swell? Isn't it fun?"
I'll stop yammering about my sparkly Sam Edelmans now.

This next little gem I got for Christmas - a silver crushed velvet circle skirt. Yes. How 90s could I get?
It's ridiculously soft, and just the right length - flirty but not floozy. I love wearing this with plain t-shirts and boots for a perfect evening outfit, or just to be fancy during the day. You really need no excuse to be fancy, am I right?
In case a crushed velvet skirt wasn't enough for you, how about a crushed velvet fringe kimono?
Yeah, how beautiful is this thing? It was another gift from Christmas, but I absolutely love everything about it. I throw this over a simple black dress and voilà! Instant Stevie Nicks. I can also wear it over jeans and a crop top and be super trendy. It's witchy and gypsy and soft and pretty all at once, and it's perfect.
So soft.
Do you have anything particularly shiny in your wardrobe? If you don't, what are you doing with your life?! Everyone deserves a little sparkle once in awhile. 

Skirt: Topshop (similar)
Kimono: Topshop (similar)

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