Old Town Blues

The process that Sarah and I took to get these photos is a funny one. The usual spot where we shoot on 6th ave was unfortunately occupied by a red car so we had to improvise. We hopped in our cars and found an alleyway behind the Crown Bar. There wasn't anywhere to park, so we literally just stopped in the alley to take these pictures. 

Wearing stuff like this is what I've been doing a lot of lately - part black and white - so if I have to work I can change really fast. And I kind of love this pencil skirt. The black panels on the side make it interesting (and slimming!)

Why do I look so unamused?

To make the overall look a lot more casual, I paired the skirt with my MTV crop top and my favorite chambray top. Party on top, business on bottom, right?

Oh look a broken down doll. That's a pose I learned from America's Next Top Model.

Totally off topic, but someone told me the other day on my Instagram that I reminded them of Alexa Chung. Can you say "BEST COMPLIMENT EVER?!" My hair is getting dangerously close to that status, so clearly I'm excited.

You can't even tell that I have nasty nail polish on.
T-shirt: Wet Seal // Chambray top: Forever 21 // Skirt: Charlotte Russe // Tights: Target // Shoes: Topshop // Hat: H&M // Fork bracelet: Spoonman // Penny bracelet: gift shop in Arizona

Today's post is brought you by Boy and Bear, one of my favorite Australian bands (who will also be at Sasquatch this year!) Seriously I'm so stoked to finally see them.
Well, I'm off to work with a head cold, but stay tuned for some fun stuff on my channel this week and here on the blog. 

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