Achy Breaky Muscle Remedies

So I caught myself a nasty cold last weekend. It was my own fault though, I got like 9 hours of sleep over the course of two nights, but the fun was all worth it. However, the sleep hangover that ensued wasn't so much fun. I woke up after the first full night of sleep in three nights, and I literally ached all over. My head, my sinuses, my feet, my back, my neck, and even my damn arms. I hurt everywhere. 

Naturally, I found some remedies for this post-weekend body ache. And they are wonderful. 

First - bath time. And on this particular evening, I needed something to both soothe my muscles and help clear my sinuses. So Dr. Bronner's Peppermint soap it was. I'll tell you, whoa it felt good. I need to mix this stuff with an Avobath for a mojito bath one of these days. 
Next - Fair Trade Foot Lotion - my arnica mint chocolatey goodness. I love rubbing this stuff all over my body for more than just the smell. The mint is cooling on the skin and the arnica is some magical homeopathic pain reliever. This is some witchy stuff happening, and it's wonderful.
So I smell like Thin Mints and feel like my limbs have taken sleeping pills. Awesome. Splendid.
For added relief, I slathered my feet in the Wiccy Magic Muscles - Lush's version of an icy hot massage bar. It smells like Christmas and feels like heaven.

Then I braided my hair, threw on my jammy jams, and slept my first good night of sleep in four days. It was a good weekend, to say the least. 

What are your favorite remedies for a body hangover?

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