Little Red Shoes

I'm currently sitting inside the Caffe Vita on E Pike in Capitol Hill, stalling before a show, and I thought - hey I've got a bit of a post backup, let's post one!

And as I was listening to Mt St Helens Vietnam Band, I realized that they have a song on their 2009 record called "Little Red Shoes." It was meant to be, y'all!

See these shoes? I got them for $1 at a garage sale. Granted, they're not the most comfortable things in the world - but for $1 I can't complain.
On this particular day, Lindsay and I went to go shoot at the old Regal Cinema in Gig Harbor. It was a beautiful day to go glamping in the old broken down yard adjacent to what was once a quaint old theater. It is Regal no more. There was literally the shell of a television, a vacuum, some Fireball, and what used to be a really cool old chair. It was kind of disgusting, but it looked cool.
It was the first day of Spring, so I threw on my favorite pink lipstick - Mac's Impassioned to ring in the new season. I love this lipstick, and the fact that it brightened up my generally sallow face helped. I have a cold, and am currently sniffling and super duper raspy. It's almost a sexy rasp. Almost.
Also let's take a second to appreciate fourth day hair. FOURTH DAY. I washed my hair on Sunday and this was Thursday. Hell yeah.
For my actual outfit, I wanted to wear my new Zara jeans that I picked up last weekend when I had several hours to kill in downtown Seattle. Before a party down on Alaskan Way, I stopped at Westlake and picked these babies up. I think I've found a new favorite pair of jeans. These high waisted jeans go higher than my BDG Cigarette Jeans. Hallelujah.
 I tucked in my new Truly Madly Deeply tee in and layered a couple of dainty gold chain necklaces over it for an easy look.
Top: Urban Outfitters // Jeans: Zara // Belt: Thrifted // Shoes: Thrifted // Necklaces: Urban Outfitters // Lipstick: Mac Impassioned // Sunglasses: Ray Ban Meteor
I look serene as fuck here. I was actually staring at an old mattress. That's how gross it was in that yard.

I've got more posts queued up, so stay tuned the next few days!
Happy Spring!

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  1. Even if it was a really gross setting for you, I think it made for an awesome photo shoot! Maybe all the place needed was a lovely lady with some rocking hair and fashion sense?

  2. I absolutely love your style, your pictures, and your blog!!!