It's that time of year again - when Lush comes out with all the kitschiest shit you can think of. Easter! Let's celebrate when that Jesus guy went all Walking Dead on us with rabbits and colored eggs. That makes zero sense, but who the hell cares? CARROT SOAP AND A GOLDEN EGG BATH BOMB COVERED IN COCOA BUTTER.

Look at this glorious box. Can't you just smell it through your computer screen?
It smells so good you guys. I can't get my nose out of this tin. The Brightside bubble bar alone smells like a fucking orange Starburst had a baby with a Push-Up Pop. And it's going to be permanent! They're keeping Brightside! Always look on the bright side of life! Thank you Monty Python for inspiring such a majestic bubble bar.
Here we have the Fluffy Egg, that smells pretty much identical to Snow Fairy - that musky vanilla smell, but it looks like a damn Dalek. EGGSTERMINATE. EGGSTERMINATE. You can't unsee it now.
Then the carrot bubble bar - it smells like carrot orange juice, and it's wonderful. Plus, it's one of the reusable stirry bubble bars, which I prefer to the crumbly ones anyway.
To go along with the carrot bubbles, there's Carrot Soap. How cute is this thing? It's pretty damn cute. And it also smells like carrot orange juice. Plus, that bunny is cocoa butter. Oh yeah.
Next is the Immaculate Egg. I just. I can't. Just the name is enough to love it. I tried last year's version a few months ago, and I loved it.
This is what we've all been waiting for at work - Brightside bubble bar. This fresh and juicy smell is the perfect way to ring in spring, so obviously I'm using it tonight for my bath. I can't wait.
And this glorious Golden Egg is everything you want in a bath and more. It's a bath bomb, coated in a bath melt, and rolled in glitter. It's a Cadbury Egg bath bomb melt hybrid, and it's a thing of beauty.
Look at how much glitter got on my hands already! I'm stoked for this one too.
There's also the Bunny Bubble Bar, but the bar that came in my product box was all mushed up and not cute, but it smells just like Creamy Candy. So if you dig that sweet vanilla scent, pick up a few of these little guys. They're much cuter in the shops and online, so check it out for real.

What are you most excited about for Easter? Will you be picking up any of these limited edition goodies? I almost want to take a bath right now just to experience the Brightside bar, but it's not even 5 o'clock and I'm not about to end my day now. After I take baths, I basically settle in my pajamas for the night and don't do anything else except watch TV. 

If you want a Golden Egg, I suggest getting one (or several) sooner rather than later. They'll probably sell out, because reasons. 

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