Silver Lining

I meant to post this on Friday as my own little anti-Valentine's Day look with black and silver instead of red and pink, but I ended up going out that night.

No, not "out" out. I went to my friend's apartment and drank whiskey with him and his roommates. And mused about Daria and old school Nickelodeon. We're party animals.

But back to this silver velvet skirt. Silver crushed velvet. Can we all swoon together? This thing is so soft and buttery that I just want to wear it with everything.
On this particular day I paired it with this top from H&M, which I love. The scalloped sleeve detail adds just the right amount of girly fancy feel that it can look casual or dressed up.
Jude clearly felt the need to photobomb.
And then we decided to fly.
Let me drop a bomb on you for a second - this was photographed on Wednesday. And the last time I washed my hair before this - Saturday night. FOURTH DAY HAIR HELL YEAH. I'm in the process of training my hair to go longer between washes to assure that my hair will look flawless by the last day of Sasquatch. It's my ultimate fantasy.
Plus, waiting longer between washes that exponentially increased my hair's Alexa Chung status.

The last little bit of the outfit is my Topshop boots. I bought these awhile ago, and when I received them I wore them one day and then instantly wanted to return them. The toes are a bit narrow, but I also wear pretty thick socks. I waited way too long to send them back to Topshop, so I figured out a way to wear them, since I'm stuck with them. Come to find out, they fit perfectly with just tights. Thank god, because they're freaking adorable. And I liked the juxtaposition of the buckles on the boots with the shiny girly circle skirt.
Huh, I guess today's title means a lot more than what I thought. It's obviously a Rilo Kiley song, but I also had really awesome looking dirty hair. And the boots I thought I couldn't wear ended up working for me. And I hung out with friends on Valentine's Day. There's always a silver lining to find, no matter how sad you might be, or how gross you might feel. You can always throw on a pretty sure and perfect your winged liner and boom! Good day.
Top: H&M // Skirt: Topshop // Tights: Target // Booties: Topshop // Bracelet: Earthbound Trading Co. // Lipstick: Mac Creme Cup

Have a great week, and I'm sure I'll see you soon. 

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  1. You look so lovely! :)

  2. jealous of every item of clothing in this you're friggin' gorgeous.