Favorite Brands: Tarte Cosmetics

I recently acquired a couple of new items from Tarte, and it made me realize that even though I don't own a lot of Tarte makeup, it's definitely one of my favorite brands. So started this series on my favorite brands. 

My Tarte collection looks pretty sad, doesn't it? I know, I know. I just discovered Tarte blushes after I owned a bunch of other blushes that were similar in color, so I couldn't justify spending $26 on another peachy pink blush.
However, these select few products are some of my most used in my makeup bag. Bar none. They've never broken me out, the packaging is sturdy, and well worth the price.
Natural Beauty is probably my favorite blush of all time (behind Nars Deep Throat), just because of how unassuming it is. That bright red looks terrifying, right? It's not at all. For pale girls like me, you apply the smallest amount to get the prettiest Snow White flush, or you could wear it as a tan or dark skinned girl. I love products that work for all skin tones. I just love being inclusive. I've had this blush for a couple years now, and you can see in a couple spots where it's dried out, but I still get a ton of pigment out of it.
Seriously, I use this a lot and I've had it for two years. See the pattern? Yeah, it's still visible. That's a lot of product left.
This next guy is my newest product - Dollface blush. I recently was breaking out (for some reason, I'm not sure), so I purchased this blush knowing that I loved the color and to see if perhaps my old blushes were expired and breaking me out. So far I'm still not sure but I do love this color nonetheless.
I wore it in my last tutorial on my YouTube channel, so you can see it in action.
This last product is my second foray into Tarte mascara. I originally used the Lights Camera Lashes when it went on sale at Ulta a million years ago and I fell in lust with it. I repurchased the thing at least once, but when this little sucker came out last year I found a new holy grail high end mascara. It's perfect. The brush is double-sided, so you can apply a ton of product on with one side and then turn it around to separate the lashes. I, for one, hate the idea of doubling up mascara. Ain't nobody got time for that, so this brush does everything you need.

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of Tarte? I love it, just because it's about as natural as you can get from Sephora makeup, and it's cruelty-free. Gotta love that.

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