Rock Star Style: Brandon & Alex

I may be writing this post just as an excuse to look at photos of Alex Turner and Brandon Flowers. But there's an actual purpose behind it! I've recently been super inspired by androgyny, specifically male rock stars.

The Killers put out a few a couple of weeks ago for "Just Another Girl" where Dianna Agron (of Glee) played Brandon Flowers in just about every video they've ever done. This was the result:
You can see why I got inspired? Girl looks hot on those feathered epaulettes. I want some. 
So that's what prompted me to go Googling and find particularly fashionable shots of two of my favorite front men - Brandon Flowers of the Killers and Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys - and explore what I want to steal from their style. 

Exhibit A. Suspenders.

Exhibit B. The aforementioned feathered jacket.

Exhibit C. More damn suspenders, and tweed pants of glory.

What I love about Brandon in particular is that he embraces his masculinity as well as his femininity. Do you remember the days of the eyeliner? Then came the days of the porn 'stache. He knows how to rock a classic leather jacket as well as a whole load of sequins.

Then there's Alex Turner, or as of recently, Danny Zuko. Seriously, Alex carries a damn comb in his pocket and goes all greaser on that coif, on stage. It was almost too much to handle at Deck the Hall Ball the other night, where it seemed like Alex was trying to get us all pregnant. Enough rambling.

Exhibit A. Classic denim and rolled up tees (for me, irresistible on a guy)

Exhibit B, C, and D. Boy cleans up well in a tie and fancy ass jacket (also SEE THAT COMB ACTION).
(I seriously want so many bow ties now. Can I make some? Can someone send me some? A velvet tie would be ideal.)
So those are currently two male rock gods that I want to channel hardcore for this blog, specifically that bow tie thing. Also I need more blazers, because they make anything fancy.

Can we just take a second to revel in Dianna Agron's spot-on Brandon Flowers impression again?
What if I did a DIY on making a featured epaulette blazer? Would people want that? Let me know, because I've got a boring black blazer and I could make it into something fabulous.

Until next time.

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  1. I loooove Brandon Flowers (& Diana Agron!)

  2. jesus i'm prettttty sure this was the most perfect blog post of all time, everyone else can just stop blogging now