White Winter Hymnal

I promise I didn't do this post just as an excuse to use a Fleet Foxes song. I swear.

Sarah and Alexis hosted a White Elephant Party last weekend, and as an added rule, we needed to wear all white. At first in my head I thought, "what the hell are you thinking?!" The whole "no white after Labor Day" thing popped into my mind, but then I thought, who really cares?

So I embraced the challenge. I had a pair of white tights, and found this white bodycon skirt in my sister's closet, so all I needed was a top. I had a coupon for H&M, so I went in and found this great turtleneck, which at first I thought might just work as a sweater dress but it wasn't quite long enough so I layered it on top of the skirt.
You can't just help but feel festive and wintery when you're wearing all white. No white after Labor Day? Screw that.
I'm wearing my favorite pendant from Popbasic with it. I seem to be wearing it quite often with outfits these days. It just goes with everything.
I couldn't go absolutely all white though - I threw on some festival patterned socks (my favorite fashion staple lately) with my Diba booties.
I find my hair to be a lot easier to work with lately that it's gotten longer, so I thought I'd try a couple precious braids. It works, right?
 Sweater: H&M // Skirt: Romy // Tights: Target // Socks: H&M // Shoes: Diba (DSW) // Necklace: Popbasic

Here's the group of lovely ladies (and Sarah who was taking the photo) that I got together with on Sunday for the White Elephant Party.Ruthy, Lindsy, Stephanie, Alexis, me.

Embrace the monochromatic palette and try out white on white, it's actually kind of fun.

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