DREAM Gift Wish List

I've put together an unrealistic Christmas list for you today, because I felt like online window shopping, and a girl can dream right?

I literally found the most extravagant items to put on this list, in case you needed some ideas for your sister, daughter, mother (those Frye boots are classic for any age), girlfriend, "girl" friend, and I wanted to include a wide variety. That way, you've got fashion, beauty, and techie ideas.*

1. Frye Riding Boots - These things look damn indestructible, and for the price they better be. I love me some ankle boots, but my knee high boots I found at the Goodwill three years ago for $11 have finally run their course.  Pair these with jeans or a dress and they make the outfit. 
2. Topshop Velvet Kimono - Why I'm suddenly obsessed with velvet, I don't even know. Maybe it's my inner 90s kid coming out, but I saw this shawl kimono thing at Nordstrom the other day and it spoke to me. A white lace top and leather shorts with tights - hello sexy New Years outfit!
3. Oversized Suede Clutch - I like the purses that I have, but they're purses that I carry around every day, not as interesting pieces I include in my wardrobe. I have a couple of bags I "accessorize" with, but this one is just too fabulous to pass up. The juxtaposition of the bright teal with the soft suede is so modern and pretty that it would spice up any LBD (or that sexy NYE outfit I just made up).
4. Sikkim Girls Perfume - This scent is so exotic and classic and haunting that it's perfect for any classy lady. Think of Shanghai Express in black and white, and you've got Sikkim Girls. Lush also has this scent in a lotion for their holiday collection, so you can snatch up both.
5. Beats Solo by Dr. Dre - I use up headphones like other people use up bobby pins. I sleep with earphones in every night, and I can't tell you how many times my dog has decided to chew up my buds or my cord. I've been wanting a nice pair of headphones for years, and these might just be the ones. They're small enough to carry about in a bag, but big enough to still look damn cool. I'm a bit of an audiophile, and sometimes ear buds just don't do it for me.
6. Stag Pendant - Another piece from Moorea Seal (as well as the clutch), this necklace is super simple but super cool. I like necklaces, but not a lot of loud flashy ones. This stag pendant is understated, but still has interest. Plus, it's only $24. Not bad for a boutique price.
7. Fig + Yarrow Bath and Body Oil - I've heard wonderful things about Fig + Yarrow in the past from Estee, and I've been wanting to try out bath oils for awhile now. I love me some bath bombs, but sometimes I just want the oil benefits without the fizz (and sometimes I don't want to have a $6 bath). I've seen a couple other bath and body oils from other brands like L'Occitane and Aesop, but Fig + Yarrow is handmade, and I'm all about supporting "small businesses."

What's on your Christmas list? Did this give you any ideas? Let me know in the comments!

*Honorable mention goes to a record player because I'm collecting records now.

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