Meet Virginia

Today's post title is brought to you by Train. Yes, Train.

Why? Mainly because this hairstyle makes me feel very Virginia Woolf as well as simultaneously very Downton Abbey. Also someone told me recently that I looked like Virginia Woolf. I don't know how much of a compliment that was. And the only book of hers I've read is Mrs. Dalloway, which I absolutely hated. But thankfully, I didn't hate this outfit.

Now that was a segue if I've ever seen one.

Speaking of my hair, it was done up by Madeline Rose Ervin, of the Bedhead Diaries. We spent the morning at Sarah's house last week and Madi did a bunch of looks on Sarah while I shot the behind-the-scenes stuff, and then she did my hair last for one last updo. I don't usually spend a lot of time on my hair. Lately my routine has either been showering at night and braiding it for waves in the morning or showering in the morning and knotting it up on the top of my head. It was fun to try something different, especially since I haven't had anyone play with my hair in a long time.
I picked this skirt up at Urban Xchange last week with some store credit I got from selling old coats. I absolutely love it's geo-new wave-ethnic feel, if that makes sense. It's just the right length to wear it with heels or boots, so super versatile for year round.
I paired the skirt with a velvet crop top I got from Garage, and a thrifted cardigan that I may have gotten from Urban Xchange as well, though I can't really remember. My shoes are from Modcloth, and I love them so much. I needed a pair of fancy feels for holiday, and just to dress up a pair of jeans for when I want to feel fancy. They're still online, but only a few more pairs left, so if you like them, jump on that.
One of my favorite parts of this outfit is my earrings, a pair of handmade button earrings from Treace's Pieces. I won a giveaway recently from a YouTuber that is freaking brilliant, Evelyn. She's hysterical and you should check her out. I love these earrings, because they're so bold but so lightweight. I'm not a fan of earrings that pull too much on my ears, so these are wonderful. Treace has a ton of sweet designs in her store, and they're really well priced too. Nothing is over $20, and most things are around $10.
What is this pose? I don't even know anymore.
Shoes: Modcloth // Skirt: Urban Xchange // Top: Garage // Cardigan: Thrifted // Tights: Target // Necklace: Popbasic // Earrings: Treace's Pieces // Lipstick: Mac Red
This photo just feels so old school, I love it. Good job on these ones, Sarah.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We had a great little gluten-free Thanksgiving at my house. Gluten-free stuffing is actually delicious, I have to say. 

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