Share the Love: November

 Time to share some love around here!
I do a series of "Bands You Need To Listen To" videos on my YouTube, so I thought why not do a bloggers you need to check out series on my blog?

I'll be featuring four bloggers that I enjoy every month, hopefully at the start of every month. This process will also make me branch out and discover new people to follow. I get something out of it, and hopefully you will too!
Sarah is a good friend of mine, and we meet usually at least once a week (or more) to shoot outfits for each other's blogs. Most of the photos I feature on this blog are taken by her, if you didn't know. We met in college and I can honestly attribute a lot of my interest in fashion to her. Mostly because when I got to UW Tacoma, I had no style and when we became friends I felt like she would judge my fashion choices if I didn't get some decent personal style. She posts a good mix of fashion, cooking, travel, and mommy stuff (by the way her kid is the cutest ever). Follow her on Instagram to see photos of said cute kid.
I think I found Chelsea's blog through one of Estee's videos, I'm not entirely sure. But I'm so glad I did, because not only is her style so great and I envy her ability to pull off things that I could never pull off, but she's also hilarious (this video will make you love her, no doubt). Her makeup tutorials are to the point, and interesting, yet wearable. Also, she uploads videos incredibly regularly which is always something I appreciate. There's nothing more annoying than getting hooked on a YouTube channel and then they go two months between new videos. You can follow Chelsea on Instagram as well.
I started following Rachael on Tumblr when I saw some of her concert photos, and then we basically followed each other on all the other social networks. A fellow Washingtonian, she and I have a similar style, but she rocks the gray/lavender hair like no other. I mean, who wears a New Kids on the Block t-shirt? Rachel does. Also I want that leather jacket, girl. I don't think Rachael has an Instagram, but she does have a Tumblr so you can follow that too.
I met Alexis the same time I met Sarah. Alexis hired me to design pages for our college paper, and I was her successor as Editor-in-Chief. So that's how we know each other, but that doesn't really give you anything about her blog. Alexis has got mad style (not unlike the rest of these ladies), and she's a fellow pale girl and specs sporter, so I'll always have a silent bond with the lady. Psst, follow her on Instagram too.

So those are some lovely ladies that I've been loving lately (damn that's a lot of alliteration). Check them out and I'll have four more for you next month! 

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