LUSH HOLIDAY 2013: Part 2

I am back with more Lush holiday products from this year's collection. Can you tell that I'm excited about holiday products? I'm not even done yet, seriously. We've got a month and a half left with this stuff.

First we've got my two favorite soaps - Angel's Delight on the left and Snowcake on the right. Angel's Delight is one of the prettiest soaps I've ever seen. And it smells like Hawaiian Punch, so yeah. Snowcake is the exact same smell as Smitten hand cream - a sweet almond marzipan scent. What's not to love?
This guy is literally my favorite bath bomb I think of all time. I have purchased Cinders the last two years over and this year is even better than last year's formula. It's like Big Red chewing gum for your bath tub, so it's perfect for the morning (and for sore muscles because of the sea salt). Also Pop Rocks.
I showed this little guy to my best friend's 2-year-old the other day and it was so yummy smelling that he tried to eat it. Needless to say, he didn't enjoy it. But Bombardino, while it doesn't taste good, it smells good enough to eat - lemon cheesecake to be exact. YUM. 
If you want some moisture with your Cinders bath bomb, add this hot toddy-scented bath melt aptly named Melting Snowman. The cinnamon scent is another great one for winter, plus it has cocoa and shea butter for a lovely softening bath.
This SHIT. This is the shower gel I never thought I wanted so badly. I want to wash my hair with it. I want a perfume of it. I want to pour it over freaking pancakes. Rose Jam, where have you been my whole life? I'm usually not a rose fan, but the sweet, floral, tart scent of this beautiful pink gel is intoxicating. I need to buy three big bottles of it.
I did buy a couple of gifts to keep some items for myself, split it up for gifts for others, and obviously to use the tin for other Christmas goodies. I love Christmas friends, not only because the tin is adorable, but I love all the bath products inside it. I'll definitely be keeping a couple of these products for myself, but I don't even know what will be used as gifts.
This last gift, Season's Tweetings, is one of my favorite gifts in the whole collection, especially for those of you that don't take baths. Moisturizers, body butters, and soaps galore! And how cute is that bird wrapping paper? Can I start a petition for us to start selling the wrapping paper separately? I want to cover a whole wall in this paper. #putabirdonit
Look at all the best sellers!

So there is the second batch of my Christmas goodies. I did make a couple more purchases when I bought these to be used for a Christmas giveaway on my channel. Which, by the way, have you subscribed yet? You won't be able to enter unless you subscribe!

I'll probably be back with more before Christmas, so don't think that this is the end of it. 

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