Backfire at the Disco

Can we just marvel at these pants for a second? Yeah? 
Okay I'll let you do that.

Seriously though, let me explain why these pants came into my life. 
As I mentioned before, I was Hipster Little Mermaid for Halloween. Sadly I have no photos of me in costume because Sarah cancelled the Halloween party where I was planning to wear it a second time. Still a bit peeved about that. But I digress. I did get to wear them for one Halloween party, but no photos. 

So, I've got these shiny ass green pants. What the heck am I going to do with them?
Figure out how to wear them not for a Halloween costume.
The look just like American Apparel's Disco Pants, but thankfully I didn't spend $85 for these, only $40 from River Island, and they are virtually the same pants. I actually thought about ordering a black pair after I got these and how great they fit. They're quite stretchy, but they do suck you in and don't show cellulite and unflattering bits like you might think.
When thinking about how I was going to style these, I thought "bring me neutrals!" And that's what I did. I paired these shocking green pants with a vintage wool camel blazer, that I don't wear nearly enough. I should more often.
I also threw on one of my favorite band tees, one of a very limited printing from my friend Aaron Pfenning (a.k.a. Rewards). My dear friend Renee bought it for me when she saw Aaron play in Austin a couple years ago, and I'm quite glad that I have it. It makes me feel cool that I have a shirt that not that many people have. Plus, it has Keith Murray's face on it, so that's always nice.
I feel like this totally works, right?
I guess these pants are going to be one of those pieces for special occasions like New Year's Eve, costume parties, maybe Christmas? I don't know, I could pair them with an oversize white sweater for Christmas parties. Or I could always be a disco queen for Halloween next year, and these would totally work for that too. I do love getting items for costumes that I can rock on a normal day. I still have a jacket from my Daria costume 3 years ago, a skirt and sweater from my Velma costume last year, and now these wild pants.
That's how I do Halloween. No prepackaged "sexy maid" costumes for me.
Top: Rewards Merch // Blazer: Vintage thrifted // Pants: River Island // Boots: Thrifted // Necklace: Shoplately // Sunglasses: Ray Ban Meteor

What's the weird item of clothing you have in your wardrobe? Do you actually wear it often? Maybe this will inspire you to pull out some of those wackadoo pieces you thought we cool at some point but only wore once. I mean, really, why not?

Also, today's post title comes to you from The Wombats, a lovely English band that I have yet to see play live. What's up with that!?

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  1. THOSE PANTS! They look amazing and especially for the price. They look exactly like the disco pants so I'm definitely going to check River Island out because I don't want to pay $85 for another pair of disco pants.

  2. It's a shame really that you have not received more comments on this post. Those green disco pants look great on you!! You should wear them often, though I realize that color is a bit hard to pair up with other items. It's almost 2 years since you've posted this so perhaps you don't even have them anymore. But I have been looking for that particular shade of green myself. The one American Apparel sells is more of a bluish-green while yours is more like an Irish green. Again, they look great and you wear them well!