Autumnal and Abandoned

It's not officially Autumn for me until we fall back for Daylight Savings. The nights are longer, the wind is colder, the sky is greyer, and the air is crisper. Even though the Pacific Northwest version of Autumn is nothing like the picturesque New England Autumns you see in films or on postcards, our version has its quirks. 

While New England takes on a deep burnt orange tint all around, our weather just starts to look creepier. Autumn Washington is like those film filters that make outdoor scenes look eerie and abandoned and old. 

And I like that. 

Somehow I captured these two photos at Point Defiance Park on the day Sarah and I shot the last three outfits I posted (we did three in one day, like champs) and it was the Golden Hour so it was just the right time of day. But most of the time, Autumn Washington is considerably desaturated in color. 

With this sudden change in color scheme and overall feel of our dear state, I've had the sudden urge to want to visit all the ghost towns in Washington and photograph them. Sadly all the ones around me are nearly and hour away from my house, but there are a lot that are within that hour diameter of my house. I've seen so many slideshows and photo recently of beautiful abandoned places, and I thought that I'd explore the idea of Washington having some beautiful abandoned places. Turns out, there's an entire website devoted to the ghost towns in this state -

After stumbling upon this site, I've decided that I want to visit several of these little hidden cities before the end of the year. Hey, maybe I'll shoot an outfit or two at one of these places. I just love the idea of things that once were and are no more, but still exist. That's why I'm so fascinated with antiques and secondhand clothes and ghosts. After being so connected to the past throughout my whole life through those various routes, I've started to think like Zak Bagans, one of the big loud guys from Ghost Adventures. Objects absorb memories, and whether or not those memories project themselves outward or just stay contained within those objects - it doesn't really matter. 

I find myself to be a bit of a spiritual in that way. I won't say that it's a religious thing, because for me it's not, but more so the interest being passed down from my mother. 

I just needed to sit down and write something today, and I wanted to share these photos with you guys, because I quite enjoy them. 

I will definitely be posting photos of the ghost towns once I make my way out to one. I'm actually really excited about this now.
Do you believe in ghosts?

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