Style Reprise: Day N Nite

I've never done one of these before, and I thought that these teal jeans would be a perfect piece to spotlight. They were my first pair of BDG Cigarette Jeans, and the ones that got me hooked (I now own 3 more pairs in different colors). Urban Outfitters currently has a bunch of these on sale for $39 instead of $58, so jump on that.

I broke up the style reprise into different occasions, rather than different pairings. And since most of my days lately have consisted of getting coffee, going to work, or going to shows, I thought they would be perfect ones to spotlight! Granted, I haven't gone on any dates, but wishful thinking, eh?
I paired my jeans and top with a cardigan from Forever 21 and fedora from Kohl's (use the code FALLMOMTEN from October to December for 10% at Kohl's). It's super casual and the cardigan is super lightweight so it's good for this transition season we're approaching. FALLUMMER. That word looks weird.

I also grabbed my leather crossbody bag I got from Urban Xchange in downtown Tacoma and my necklace and fork bracelet came from vendors at Bumbershoot over the last few years.
Outfit number two is a good work appropriate outfit, maybe not for my job but for something without a strict dress color code, it would be bomb. I switched out the timepiece for a small pendant, and the sweater for a Merona blazer. This one fits like a glove and I love it.
The last outfit would also work for a date, but with the faux leather, it's definitely more of a nighttime look. And don't you just love that leopard lining? It adds so much interest. Apart of the jacket, I again swapped out my necklace for a statement chain from 14th and Union, and I'm ready to head to Capitol Hill for a drink at Moe Bar before a show at Neumo's.
And then because I couldn't resist being a cheeseball with my Chanel lipstick, I had Sarah do a few shots of me putting it on because why not?
The song for this style reprise is an old Kid CuDi song, from literally 4 years ago. Now that makes me feel old.

Let me know how you like these kinds of posts! I'll hopefully be doing more in the future, because it was fun dressing up and dressing down the same outfit with just a few additions and omissions. Have a great weekend! Happy Saturday!

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  1. Liked the concept, great pics as well!

  2. I never would have thought a jean in that color could be so versatile! I haven't really gotten on the colored jeans bandwagon, I only one dark rinse (no distressing or weird dye jobs whatsoever) jeans because I'm too lazy to style anything else :P I love those two tone flats and the salt and pepper cardigan <3