Life Lately: Weddings and Birthdays and Music, oh my!

My apologies for being virtually missing in action for almost a week, and I really don't have a reason why because I only worked one day last weekend and didn't go to Bumbershoot. I have no excuse. I suck. 
But to make up for it, here are some cute photos of toddlers.
It was my best friend Laura's son Kristoffer's 2nd birthday this weekend and we celebrated like all 2-year-olds should, playing in the grass and eating lots of sugar!

I can't tell you how much I love this photo of Kristoffer with our friend Markas. It's the best.
Here's me and my sister lounging around like the lazy assholes we are.
Kristoffer's "girlfriend" Eliza was the only other little one at the party, and can we appreciate how cute she is for a second?
Even though Eliza and her momma Electra are leaving for Indiana this week, you never would have known with how much fun the kids were having.
Okay, maybe they got a little bit fussy.
And now we have the saddest photo known to man.

As well as hanging out with babies, I got to see the lovely Mary Lambert at Neumo's last week as well. I almost didn't go. I'm so glad that I did. 

My friend Raven actually texted me while I was at work, "hey are you going to Mary's show?" And I got off at 10, so I booked it up to Capitol Hill after work and get there just in time for Mary's set. She was phenomenal, as per usual.
It's so crazy knowing a woman that has played at the VMAs. THE VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS, PEOPLE.
The last bit of my week consisted of finally getting to the photos from the Perkins Ramsay wedding last month. I'm the worst procrastinator, and I literally finished these over the last two days. I'm really happy with how they turned out, though.
When I got to this photo, I couldn't not share it right away because of how much I love it.
Here's some more cuteness for you.
Alex wanted to recreate an old photo of the rat pack with his groomsmen, and thankfully we were able to go down to the Star Lake Inn and get this shot.
And how pretty is this bridal party, really?
So there's a little preview of the wedding that I just finished last night. I can't believe how quickly I edited it, to be honest. Phew. Now I can relax.

If you ever want me to do your wedding photos (or any other photos for that matter) click on the "photography" link in the sidebar and give me a call!

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