I've gotten quite a lot of new stuff this month. I shot two weddings and we bonused at work, so I don't feel bad about spending a little extra money. Plus, remember I get employee discount?

I'll start with the non-Lush products though, to get them out of the way. This I get during Sephora's 3X VIB points event. There were several things I wanted to get, but then decided to wait until the F&F sale in a few months. I can wait a little bit longer for Tom Ford Black Orchid. But I've been wanting to try this product from BECCA Cosmetics for quite awhile now, after seeing Lisa Eldridge and Wayne Goss both gush about it. It's a gorgeous liquid highlighter, and I'll most definitely be doing a blog post devoted to either it or just all my highlighters collectively.
  Another purchase I made during the VIB event were these travel-size Urban Decay 24/7 liners. They're my favorite eyeliners ever, but I can't justify spending $20 on one single eyeliner. These sets have great value and of course I'll use all of them.
The last thing I bought not from work was this giant tub of coconut oil from Costco. So far, I've been using it on my skin, and I dig it. I smell so delicious, which is a plus to the soft skin it gives me as well. Score one for Abby!

Now onto the Lush purchases.

Lemony Flutter, because everyone should have a pot of this in their life. Seriously.
Honey Trap lip balm, because I didn't have enough lip balms apparently. This one's super yummy though.
A big Eau Roma Water. I'm almost out of the tiny bottle I got as a freebie when I first started at Lush, so I thought I'd finally invest in the big size.
Aqua Mirabilis body butter, because I want nothing more than to exfoliate leaving my skin soft and smelling like almond butter. This is a thing that exists. It's an exfoliating body butter with almond butter in it. Now all I need is the Sweetie Pie shower jelly and we've got a PB&J shower!
No Drought dry shampoo, because my spray dry shampoos suck. This one smells like lime and grapefruit too, so hell yeah.
And last but not least - Motivation Emotional Brilliance eyeliner. I've been eyeing this color for awhile, not sure how I felt about the formula. I own one of the lipsticks and it stays pretty well, but the color bleeds into my lip lines because of the lightweight oils in it. However, after wearing this eyeliner for a couple nights, I love it. The color is a beautiful mermaid teal blue shift and it's still wearable for everyday.

So those were my big purchases this month. What have you tried? What have you bought this month? Are you going back to school? Have you taken your vitamins today? Okay now I'm just getting nosy.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. I want Tom Ford's Black Orchid since I saw it in Lisa Eldridge's video, but I just cannot justify spending 54 canadian dollars on a lipstick (yet). Even tought if I see it in a store I won't be able to resist, it just seems to be the most perfect lipstick ever.

    I bought those travel-size eyeliners too, with two of the Urban Decay's vintage eyeliners when they were on sale at sephora and I just simply love them!


    1. Oh I was talking about the black orchid perfume, not the lipstick, haha. The lipstick is pretty perfect too though.