Life Lately: A Day With My Lushies

I spent the day on Sunday up in Seattle, and it was a wonderful day. I went shopping and got doughnuts with my pal Kayla, spent the evening with all my coworkers at Alki Beach, and got to meet the ever-adorable Olan Rogers (see the sexy man below).
As you can tell, Kayla was pretty stoked. Olan makes videos on YouTube, everything from comedic sci-fi shorts and series, to hilarious storytelling vlogs. This summer he went on tour just to meet subscribers. He called it his "Eat A Slice With Me" tour, so what did we do? We ate pizza and drank Jones Soda and met an awesome YouTuber. It's so cool seeing a YouTube personality get really big and stay completely true to himself and not caving to any sort of advertising or gimmick. Who else would plan an entirely free tour just to meet all of his subscribers and eat pizza and chat? Olan's smile is infectious and his hugs are marvelous (which I got two of). It made spending my weekend not at Vidcon a whole lot easier knowing that I got to see him.
Look at those cheeks. Dimples of steel, that one.
Cheesing it up like the dorky fangirls that we are. I highly suggest you check out his vlogs, they are priceless.

After the Olan meetup, we hit up Top Pot Doughnuts and Pike Place, because why the hell not? It was 76 and sunny, and a perfect way to start August.
The lunch of champions - San Pellegrino and a maple bar.

I had to include some cliche Pike Place photos. Hey, at least I didn't include pictures of the gum wall. I've gotten past that tourist habit.

The finale to a splendid day was a barbeque up at Alki, that my boss threw for all us Lush ladies. Have I said how much I love working there?
I'd never been to Alki Beach before, and apart from the nightmare that parking was, it was a really fun night. Seeing Seattle from that view was slightly jarring, and it felt like an entirely different world from the city on the other side of the water.
 Seattle summers are the best. No contest.

People keep telling me - "Abby you're crazy for commuting that far to work." I love my job, and I love the people I work with. I'd rather commute 45 minutes to a job that I love than live 5 minutes away from a job that I hate. That being said, I need to move to Seattle. It's days like this one that are a constant reminder of that.

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  1. You look really happy :) and i love the photo style and quality

  2. Looks like it was a really fun day. I agree with another commenter: I love the photo style.

  3. That's funny because I also commute 45 minutes to work at MY Lush! So worth it.