GETTING TO KNOW: Lush "Cupcake"

 The third face mask on my checklist was the ever popular Cupcake, which both looks and smells like chocolate brownie mix. It's definitely the least offensive smelling mask, which is always a plus.
 This mask is suitable for all skin types as a deep cleansing mask. The base is rhassoul mud, which sucks out any dirt and oil from the pores, making it very effective for blackheads and oily skin. As the mask dried, I could feel it tighten up, so you don't need to leave it on for very long, maybe 10 minutes and you're good.
 With my sensitive dry skin, it wasn't the most suitable for my skin. I already had some hormonal breakouts around this time, and it chocolate and spearmint didn't necessarily make them any better. I'm not saying that it made me break out, but it didn't help my already active breakouts. However, you should give this mask a try, especially if you're a teenager with or without acne problems. It did make my skin feel very clean and refreshed afterwards, especially with the spearmint in there, even if I still had redness and the active blemishes.

After cleaning the mask off, though your skin feels clean, because of the rhassoul mud your skin may feel dry and tight, so make sure you moisturize directly after cleaning it off.
 Plus it smells like chocolate so you gotta love that. It would be perfect for a spa night birthday party with you and your gal pals. Make some brownies and wear a mask to match!

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  1. Even with my combo/oily skin, I found Cupcake to be a little to drying. That "tightening" sensation happened almost instantaneously and took a bit of moisturizer to make go away. It totally bummed me out. :(