GETTING TO KNOW: Lush "Cosmetic Warrior"

 I'm finally here with my next installment of my Lush Fresh Face Mask series. Today we'll be talking about Cosmetic Warrior!

 Cosmetic Warrior is another of the masks best suitable for acne-prone or oily skin. It's loaded with garlic as an antiseptic and tea tree oil and fresh green grapes as astringents, so it's perfect for active acne breakouts like the one I was suffering at this time of the month.
 The smell is a little weird - but it may be because I know that there is garlic in it so it could be subconscious. I do enjoy the tea tree oil though. That stuff is good for so many things, and acne is definitely one of them. 

This mask was really cooling, with the tea tree oil, but not tightening at all. It also didn't dry down a lot so it kept its tacky creamy texture with the egg whites and honey, which was nice for my dry skin. I didn't feel like I needed to load on the moisturizer afterward, which I have found with a few of the other masks. If you're acne-prone but also have sensitive skin, this is definitely the mask for you. There are no exfoliants in it so it won't irritate your already inflamed breakouts.
 I felt very clean and refreshed after removing the mask, though there wasn't a ton of visible results afterwards, I didn't want to scratch at my blemishes as much the next morning. This calms down the skin while attacking the bacteria in the blemish. If I'm ever having another crazy hormonal breakout, I'll definitely bring this baby home again.

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