LIFE LATELY: Classic cars and a free concert

Summer is officially upon us and it's awesome. I've been running around doing all sorts of activities in the last week, all the while working 4 out of the last 5 days. Summer is busy.
Last weekend, I went out to the vintage car show in Kent with my best friend Laura, and our friends Markas and Mark. Markas is a car nerd, so when I asked if he wanted to hang out he invited me along to this car show, which was also a benefit for Children's Hospital, so I couldn't say no.
Not only were we able to indulge in all the beautiful classic cars, but we also got to see a few races with these suckers. Laura's family has several classic Ford Mustangs, so this was a real treat for us.
 And then on Thursday, my day off, one of my favorite local bands St Paul de Vence played a free outdoor show in University Place right down the street from Sarah. I made everyone come out to see my friends' band, and it was perfect because we could bring all the babies with!
Sarah's pal Madi came along with her little guy Elliot, who is just a doll.
Here are some gratuitous shots of St Paul de Vence.
I love those guys, and it was so nice to see them again (because it had been like a year and that's ridiculous).

The only other thing that took up my week besides the regular workdays was a special training that all us girls had to go out to in Seattle. It was all about our body care, massage bars, and the Lush Spas, which will hopefully come to Seattle in the next couple years because OH MY GOD I want to go to one now so bad. We got some freebies from the training - a massage bar and sugar scrub (the latter which I have yet to use). I'll probably do a blog post on the new massage bars once I get a solid chance to use mine. 

Also how are you liking the new streamlined design of the blog? I like the new header much more, and I was getting tired of that old font. 

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  1. Classic car shows are the best, yo. One of my fave summer activities besides festivals. Great pics!

  2. Ah I just love your blog. What shade is the chanel lipstick?

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