REVIEW: Chanel "Boy" Rouge Coco Shine

I recently had a string of good karma - got a new job at Lush, quit my job at Animal Crackers, one other thing I can't quite tell you about yet. ;) Because of all of this awesome stuff happening, I rewarded myself with a new lipstick. A girl deserves to splurge once in awhile with a $34 lipstick. Don't judge me.

 This is my second Chanel lipstick, but my first Rouge Coco Shine formula. My other Chanel is Rouge Allure in Confidentielle, which is a warm satin peachy pink. I absolutely love it, and I wanted to try another of the finishes. I've heard so many people rave about Boy, and was always weary about it because of the emollient formula. I tend to get bleeding outside of my lip lines with really creamy lipsticks. I tried this on at the counter, and the girl working really sold it for me.

 This is a very creamy and moisturizing lipstick, but the color is sheer enough that if it were to bleed outside my lip lines, it wouldn't show.

This is the one photo I took with flash to show you the color in brighter light.
 Boy is a sheer blue-pink, with a lot of microshimmer that puts the "Shine" in Rouge Coco Shine.
 Because it's so creamy and sheer, I get around 3 hours of wear without eating anything, but when it does wear off it doesn't leave awkward creasing or lines anywhere.
Here are my bare lips then Boy, to show you a comparison.
I love this color, and I can see why it's so popular. It would work on absolutely everyone, and it's such a pretty "my-lips-but-better" shade that isn't drying.
And how could you not love the swanky packaging of Chanel products? They're masters of packaging, I must say. 

I purchased my lipstick from Nordstrom in store, but you can purchase it online here.

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