Wishful Thinking: June


I'm here for my annual monthly wishlist!
Wonderly finally got shirts! A couple of them were circulated around a little over a month ago, and now there's a place for people to buy them! The District Lines store is absolutely adorable and all the shirts are all sorts of cute. This birdcage one is my favorite, but I'd gladly buy all of them if I had the money to spare.

As I think I've mentioned recently, I just got a job at Lush, and our dress code is all black and white, so I've been inspired lately by the monochromatic trend for several reasons. I actually have a couple of items coming in the mail soon from River Island (I finally bought a pinafore!) that follow the black and white trend. I want to follow the dress code, but obviously put my own spin on it. That's where the idea for these leggings came from. The jacket from Nastygal obviously isn't something I'd wear in the shop, but I love it anyway. Plus, it's on sale.

Also while I was at training for Lush today, I learned so much about the skincare line that my brain is just brimming with knowledge on so many essential oils and butters and exfoliants that it will be hard to keep them straight for awhile. While taking notes on all the cleansers and moisturizers, the Grease Lightning stood out to me. I'd been recommended it by a friend recently, but didn't want to spend the money (even though it's not even that expensive). I've been breaking out like hardcore lately on my forehead, so I might have to make myself a sample to take home before buying it. 

The last couple bits are just odds and ends - the sweatshirt and jeans. I don't know why I've suddenly hankering for an embellished crewneck, but this one is pretty cool I must say. You keep doing what you're doing, Topshop. THESE JEANS THOUGH. I saw these jeans on Plndr the other day after my friend Rachel announced a $500 Plndr giveaway she was doing. Once you enter the giveaway, you actually was a 20% coupon code. But these jeans - they're everything I've been looking for in a pair of jeans, and I've literally had them in my cart sitting in my browser for three days. I want them so badly. They were originally $125, and now with the sale price and Rachel's code, they're $55. I'm still drooling.

I hope you enjoyed what I've been ogling at so far this month. Hopefully at least a couple of them will be in my grasp by the time July comes along. 

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