Wishful Thinking: May

It's time for my monthly wishlist! 

I've gotten better at walking in heels, though I still can't do anything close to a stiletto - though these stacked pumps from Nastygal are gorgeous. I love the black and white motif (trend alert) and simple details. They're so pretty and can definitely be dressed up or down. They're also not obscenely priced, at $60.

You've also seen how obsessed I am with pinafores, so I don't need to go into detail on that lovely Topshop piece (though it's definitely a window shopping item because I'm not shelling out $80 for a dress).

Now to the exciting part. It was literally 84 degrees in Gig Harbor today. We're supposed to be in the 80s all week. WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT? To be honest anything over 80 I get a little uncomfortable (though my skin loves it), but with the hot weather comes with cream products - any and all cream products. We are due for a new Lush at the Tacoma Mall this month so I'm excited to see the Charisma and Feel Younger skin tints in person to see if I want to actually buy them. I've been looking for a cream bronzer, but lord knows I'm not buying the Chanel soleil de tan whatever-the-fuck-it's-called. I've seen swatches of the Charisma tint and I'm glad to see that you can't really see too much shimmer when it's blended out. The Feel Younger highlighter looks simply perfect for summertime. If I do pick them up, certainly expect a review here.

My beloved Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm is almost empty (though with the stupid packaging I don't even know how much is left) so I will need a new BB cream for this summer. I've heard so many good things about this Skin79 product (from all skin tones including us pink pale girls) and the swatches online look very similar to the Dr. Jart+ one, except it's like $20 cheaper online, so this will definitely be a buy this month. 

Last but CERTAINLY not least is this Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer. I got a sample of it at Sephora last month when I went to go pick up a new Makeup Forever HD primer and they were all out. I think I like this one better. I really really like it. And better yet, it's the same price as the MUFE one, but it's 1.7 oz and the MUFE primer is only 1 oz. Score!

What are some products you've been ogling over and may be debating getting? I love getting and responding to comments, so please leave them below!

Best wishes,

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