Pining For Pinafores

It's officially spring, which means that I am stocking up on dresses like nobody's business. And recently I got a little be obsessed with pinafore dresses. I mean look at them. I can't help but channel my inner 6-year-old for them.

Now the first thing you think of when you hear "pinafore" is this:
I assure you, I'm not going for the full-on, creepy-cute, lolita look. I don't actually want to look 6 years old. And it's not Halloween.

I'm not sure what it is about them that I'm ogling over. Maybe it's the endless possibilities for layering? Maybe it's the fact that they can work for all seasons? Maybe it's because they're slimming? I don't know the exact reason, but as soon as I make another sale or two on Etsy (I've got a lot of new things to list), I'll be using my Paypal money to get one of these babies.

This classic option is from a handmade Etsy seller and it's absolutely beautiful. This seller in particular has a lot of retro styles in their shop and I love them all.

This next style is one I saw on Tonya from The Moptop on Tumblr the other day and it was the spark that set the fire that is this recent obsession with pinafores. It's not the cheapest option, but I love the scalloped edge - it gives it something a little extra and again - SO SLIMMING. I also can't pass up a good denim.

 This last one is probably the dress I'll end up buying, since it is one of the cheapest I've been able to find (, and similar on ASOS). I love how Erika styled it here, and it has so many options, especially with the straps that you can crisscross or leave straight like suspenders. I just love it all.

What do you think of pinafores? I adore them, and I definitely need one in my life. Hell, overalls came back and now pinafores. When are we, 1995?

Did you see the new link in the sidebar? I finally got myself a Most likely it will be the same outfits I post here (except for the one I posted last night), but if you've got a Lookbook too, head over there and let me know so we can follow each other!

Also, I didn't even try to make the title of this post so parallel, look at how skilled I am with words.

Best wishes!

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