Summertime Clothes

 Again, with the song titles! I couldn't have picked a more vague reference. Meh, well at least Animal Collective's Merriweather Post Pavilion has been the soundtrack to many of my summers. It's a good album.
But get on with it Abby! Stop yammering on about hipster music!

I found this dress at Marshall's the other day like it was a complete fluke. Remember that dress I was tempted to get when I first did my festival fashion series? I still hadn't bought it, and I found this one and thought to myself, "IT WAS MEANT TO BE MINE." My inner monologue is often in all caps.
It's a beautiful lace with a modest lining, and the best part is that I can wear a bra with it! Hallelujah!
I paired this fabulous dress with a bunch of thrifted pieces and a necklace my uncle got me for Christmas. I don't know where he got it, but I've seen a lot of similar designs in generic boutiques. It's not the most unique piece of jewelry, but I haven't really found an outfit before now that it complimented. I found this denim vest at the Bremerton Goodwill, and I love the fur lined collar. It's very Seattle circa 1989.
My boots are thrifted from a few years ago, and they're my favorite cowboy boots I've ever found. They're a beautiful camel color and the detail is more Native American than anything else.
I found this little pack sack at a garage sale on Saturday in Tacoma (along with a ton of other great finds! I'll be doing a haul on my channel soon.) It's authentic Italian Leather and the perfect size if you aren't carrying too much with you.
My belt is a generic skinny belt from Target, I really just needed something to break up the waist.

Thank you Sarah for actually getting me mid-air on this one.
Guys, I found the perfect Sasquatch dress. I did it! And I saw Animal Collective for the first time at Sasquatch '09, so the title of the post does make sense after all!

Best wishes!
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