Red Right Ankle

I'm back with an outfit post! It's been way too long, I know, but the last week has been quite busy and I've been getting loads of stuff done at home, so I haven't had a chance to meet up with Sarah until today. I actually got a lot done today in Tacoma, so that felt good.
Let me tell you about this skirt. I got it in Vancouver last weekend from a sample sale downtown, and I absolutely love it. It's a bit of a pain to sit in for a long period of time so I do have to ride it up when I'm driving, but the shape is just so cool and different that I couldn't not take it home. It was only $15, too!
 It's actually a design by local Vancouver company Adhesif Clothing. I went and looked up the company after I got home and it has some of the most beautiful clothes! This skirt, as well as a lot of the other pieces are made from recycled fabric so this is perfect for Earth Day! Adhesif actually featured their newest collection at Vancouver's Eco Fashion Week recently. Check out Adhesif's brand blog for more on the company.

 I seriously want all the things and regret not buying more stuff from their station at the sample sale last weekend. There was so much plaid! If you live anywhere near Vancouver, I highly recommend checking out their storefront.
 I'm pairing this marvelous skirt with this lace top I got from Marshall's several months ago, and some bright tomato red tights from Target. It's Spring now (finally!) so I needed some color in this outfit. I'm also wearing my Naturalizer ankle booties from Urban Xchange that I featured in my last outfit.
Top: Marshall's // Skirt: Adhesif Clothing // Tights: Target // Shoes: Thrifted - Urban Xchange // Earrings: Fuego // Sunglasses: Ray Ban Meteor // Lipstick: Mac Crosswires
 My hair is finally long enough to do some cute styles with it that don't take the curling or flat iron. Also, my grow out is really bad right now and a braided bang is a good way to hide it.
 It's almost a milkmaid braid but not quite. I secured it in the back with two rubber bands and a leather bow clip I got from American Apparel. Also, because it's a bit of a French braid, when I take them out tomorrow I'll have some wicked waves for the day. Heat-free waves!
 Damn these tights are bright.
The song for the title of this post is one of my favorite Decemberists songs off Her Majesty the Decemberists, even though both my ankles are red in this instance. It would be weird if I only had one, though I think American Apparel has contrasting tights for sale right now where each leg is a different color. I might have to check on that.

I should have a couple new reviews coming this week. I picked up something new from Sephora today with the VIB 15% off code, since it was the last day and I wasn't about to not take advantage of it.

Best wishes!
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