Lush Hoarding, Episode 1

 You could call me a Lush fan. I love the company, the products, the packaging, the retail atmosphere - everything. So it's no secret that I've hoarded my share of Lush products over the last year, so I thought I'd share my stash with you. 

For the products that aren't limited edition, you can click through to the page on the Lush Cosmetics website.

Pumpkin Soap (LE) - I received this as a gift several months ago and I haven't had a chance to break into it. To tell you the truth I don't use bar soap that often so one tends to last a really long time for me.
Mr Punch Soap (LE) - I'm really excited to use this soap actually. I gave another bar to a family member for Christmas and it smells so so so yummy. It smells exactly like you think - like fruit punch.
Cinders Bath Bomb (LE) - I regret not buying more of these when they were on sale after Christmas, because it's my favorite bath bomb that I've ever tried. I tried it for the first time during Holiday 2011, and I was so excited when they brought it back last Christmas so I bought three.

Ultrabland Facial Cleanser -  This cleanser is a super weird beeswax formula, but when used with an exfoliating hot cloth it feels so good and cleans surprisingly well. It's definitely a must have for sensitive skin.
Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub - I got this as part of a set, and I don't hate it but it doesn't do a whole lot for me in the shower. It smells nice and doesn't irritate my skin but it's not my favorite product.
The Smell of Weather Turning Perfume - This stuff is so weird. It changes its smell like three times and sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it. I'm glad I bought the tiny bottle.

Ponche Shower Gel (LE) - This stuff has tequila in it. And it smells like orange candy. That's enough information for me to say "yes."
Twilight Shower Gel (LE) - The Twilight Bath Bomb is my second favorite to Cinders, so I'm so happy that I picked this limited edition shower gel when I did because it smells just like the bath bomb - sweet tonka bean and calming lavender, mmmm.
Snow Fairy Shower Gel (LE) - I bought this when it was on sale because I had heard so many people rave about it (and it's got purple glitter), and I can't say that I'm a huge fan. I've used it up the fastest so I can get rid of it first, but the super sweet cough syrup-esque scent just isn't for me.

Popcorn Lip Scrub - I did an entire blog post that went in depth about this product, but I'll reiterate that it's yummy, not too abrasive to the lips and will last me forever.
Pow Wow Lip Scrub (LE) - Unlike the Popcorn scrub, this one has much bigger granules and it's a bit more cumbersome to use because of it. It has pop rocks in it so it's definitely a fun and tasty novelty product.

Whoosh Shower Jelly - I haven't even used this guy yet, but it smells good?
Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly - I have used this one, and I do enjoy using it. I do have to work a little bit to get chunks out of it, but I think when I open Whoosh I'm going to cut it up into pieces and then put them back in the container. Sweetie Pie smells wonderful and the pieces dissolve nicely in the bath water. The shower jellies are a love-it-or-hate-it product because of the jello texture.

Dreamwash Shower Smoothie - This is the newest product in my stash, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. It has lavender and calamine in it so it's a joy to use at the end of a shower. It doesn't lather so it doesn't dry out your skin and it calms my irritated eczema-ridden skin. And though some people hate the smell, I love how it reminds me of grandma's medicine cabinet.
Dream Cream Body Lotion - This puppy is one of my holy grail products (and I've bought it probably 10 times). It has similar products as Dreamwash (lavender, rose oil, tea tree oil, oat milk, olive oil, basically everything good). It is a perfect lotion for inflamed skin because of all the goodies in it. It's not necessarily the most hydrating because of the viscosity (it's rather thin), but my skin drinks it in and it feels so good. I love it so much I have two tubs.

Love me some Lush, guys. They're opening a new store in the Tacoma Mall next month, so there will likely be a part two to this at some point. I'm excited about a couple of the new Emotional Brilliance Products, so we'll see. Also I apologize that so many of these are Limited Edition. Most Christmas products are brought back every year so there's still hope for Cinders!

Any of the permanent products I talked about would make great Mother's Day gifts, as well as any other products on the Lush website, in case you were looking for ideas. It's pretty and smells good and personalized, so Lush seriously makes perfect gifts.

Best wishes!

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