RECIPE: "Fancy" Grilled Cheese

I found out a couple weeks ago that April was National Grilled Cheese Month (there really is a holiday for everything). I felt like I was channeling Leslie Knope in the newest episode of Parks and Rec where Leslie had a holiday for LITERALLY everything (like Sex Day, Haircut Day, and Text Message Day). Anyway, I digress.

In honor of this pointless occasion, I thought I'd make myself a fancy grilled cheese sandwich. I love me some melted cheese between two slices of carbs. Mmmm.

So as far as ingredients go - I've got this stuff.


Hummus (because why the hell not?)
Stonewall Kitchen Roasted Garlic Mustard (suck it, Grey Poupon)
 Tillamook Swiss Cheese (you can't get better than Tillamook, in my humble opinion)
Dave's Killer Bread (killer taste, but it won't kill your diet)
 There's also some smoked turkey in there, but it was just a generic Albertson's brand deli smoked turkey, so nothing special. You could use sliced chicken, ham, hell even roast beef. The meat isn't the special part here.

I spread the hummus on one slice of bread and the mustard on the other before assembling the cheese and meat, and then slathered up both sides with butter and let the sucker sizzle for awhile on low.
 I've burnt way too many grilled cheeses to not have it figured out by now that you have to cook it on low and cover it for part of the time to get the cheese to melt properly without the bread turning into charcoal. Especially when there is meat next to the cheese. It makes insulates the cheese even more so you have to be extra careful not to burn the little guy.
 I don't know why I keep personifying my grilled cheese sandwich, but come on look at how pretty it is?
 Mmmm, that's some sexy stretchy cheese right there.

I'm telling you, it was a delicious decision. Try it for National Grilled Cheese Month! Hummus on a grilled cheese! You can thank me later.

Best wishes!

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