LIFE LATELY: World of Color

I'm taking this song title thing seriously, and this post's song comes from a band I saw last weekend - Ravenna Woods, a band that I haven't seen in literally like two years.
I don't know what's wrong with me and why it took me so long to see them again, but it was a nice evening. I went out with Lana, as my wingman on my first concert outing as a single lady. I'm just glad I didn't have to go by myself.

As well as seeing Ravenna Woods rock the house, I got to see my friends Lost Lander open for them. There's a long story with me and Lost Lander, but I'll spare you all the details. I haven't seen them since September, and that's a pretty long time, seeing that I basically saw them every 2-3 months for a year up until September. I just really like them a lot. 
Possibly my favorite thing about the whole night (and perhaps the whole last month)was the conversation I had with Dave and Matt. Matt said during their set that Seattle was their favorite city to play in, and Dave said later that I could take 80% of the responsibility for that (*sigh*). Also, Matt changed up the setlist because he knew I would notice. And Dave said that I was "one of the team, and unofficial 5th member of Lost Lander." If there was any band that would consider taking me on tour with them at some point, it would probably be Lost Lander. I don't think I've ever had band love that was requited, so it's a big deal.

I also hung out with my fair share of babies this week. Jude and Sarah obviously a few times (we were seriously on a roll in terms of shooting outfits). We're a bit obsessed. I promise, there will be other things on this blog besides outfits coming soon!
How precious are they, really?
We also had Kristoffer over the evening the other day. Laura went on a run and we had him for an hour. We played with ice cubes, oranges, and this old truck my mom had sitting on the shelf. He really seemed to take a liking to it, and how freaking cute is that fedora?
One of my favorite outfit shoots Sarah and I have ever done was also this week. That day we shot this outfit for my blog and here are some of my favorite shots from Lana and Sarah's "Sister Style" shoot. Lana made that flower headdress herself!
That gray wall just works so perfectly, doesn't it?
Also on my photo plate this week are wedding pictures from a wedding I shot in Buckley at Tracy Castle. A castle in Buckley, I'm not kidding. I was driving out there on dirt roads and wooded areas feeling like I was going to get murdered by Leatherface, and I drive up to a damn drawbridge looking thing. A castle in Buckley. Huh. 

I was a gorgeous location, I highly recommend it for any and all weddings, and the lighting was perfect with the giant room of windows where the ceremony was held. The bride and groom were super low maintenance and chill, which made everything easier. I was shooting for the first time with my friend Lindsay, who I shot her wedding a few years ago. This was her first wedding, so I decided to come help out.
I really like this one. It had started raining at this point but we really lucked out with the weather up until then. It literally started pouring when the reception started and we went inside.
Last but not least is the amazing estate sale find my mom picked up - a freaking Super 8 camera! Ahhh I'm so excited to try and use this thing.

So that's what's been happening in my life lately. I'm getting back on the horse, doing the stuff I love to do, moving on with my life, making things happen. I feel good. I really do. 

Oh and by the way, happy Spring!

Best wishes,

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