Black Gold Blues

I am a bit obsessed with vests lately. This one I picked up at the Bremerton Goodwill last week, and I have worn it at least three times, including as I write this post, three days after these photos were taken. It gives a hint of old lady nostalgia to any outfit, and you can wear it open or buttoned up. So many possibilities!
Sarah and I met down at the Metropolitan Market while we were both running errands, and went down along Proctor to take these shots. If there had to be one place in Tacoma to call cute - it would be Proctor. It's kind of like this vest - it's cute and old-fashioned, but still hip and relevant.
I paired the vest with this plain black bodycon dress from Target (it's slightly looser now since I was about 15 lbs heavier when I bought it two years ago). It hits me at just the right place on my thigh where I can wear it casually or dress it up. I was going for the casual look that day (obviously), so I brightened it up with bright blue footless tights, also from Target. These are possibly my favorite colored tights that I own, because they are so opaque! Even the American Apparel tights I have aren't this opaque.

My ankle boots are Chinese Laundry (which I found at Marshall's), and I wear them with absolutely everything. They're perfect short heeled boots for everyday. I LOVE THEM.
Notice the title of my post? I've decided to make life easier (or possibly harder) by titling my posts after songs in my iTunes library. It can give you some insight into my music taste. This particular post is a Laura Veirs song, which actually fits perfectly. Black dress, gold(ish) boots, blue tights!
The weather was so pretty that day!
I should just pose from the side more often, I look skinnier that way, haha.

Best wishes!
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