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This outfit literally has nothing to to with Gorillaz, but it's comfortable as hell. That's the theme for today's post - comfort. Now you may think, "Abby, those shoes are tall as SHIT. How can they be comfortable?" Well okay rhetorical person, let me tell you - in the larger scheme of shoes overall - no. But as far as tall shoes go, they're pretty damn comfortable. They are my new Sam Edelman Javis, and I love them. I'll definitely be rocking them with a ton of spring outfits (and spring is coming! It's supposed to be 68 and sunny this weekend!).

I got them from Ebay last week, but you can purchase them here. They were originally $160, and I got them for $60. Score! I am a bit obsessed with Ebay right now, can you tell?

But back to what I was saying about comfort. Some days I don't want to get all gussied up. Some days I just want to wear sweatpants and a hoodie and go to work, but I have too much pride to do that. They pants are my alternative. They're another pair of the BDG Cigarette Jeans (similar found here), but these ones are shorter, and somehow softer than my other pairs. They feel like leggings or what I would imagine pajama jeans feel like, but look way more put together and chic.
So my solution to lazy days in the spring - pick a really bright piece as an accent to pair with a plain gray or white shirt (or sweatshirt, in my case). This is an old Merona one I got a couple of years ago from Target. But you get the point. Easy.
And while I certainly wouldn't want to walk all around town in these all day, if you're stepping out for some quick errands, they add a feminine touch to an otherwise "meh" outfit. Sure, some people may look at you like you're crazy, "bitch why you running around Safeway in 5-inch heels?" Because I can, that's why.
And they make my butt look awesome.
Also, while my hair grows out from this awkward length, I've stocked up on hair accessories and hats, so I slapped on this summery skimmer from Target (found here).
The final piece of this rather simple ensemble is the lipstick. It was low-maintenance day all around, so with a cream eyeshadow smudged across my lids and some mascara, I finished off the look with a coral lipstick. This is my newest lipstick, Mac's Crosswires - and I absolutely love it. My other corals are so bright and neon that I needed one that would work for everyday, but still be bold. Crosswires is my solution. You could go crazy bright pink like Candy Yum Yum, or a super bold red like Lady Danger (all can be found here), but again the key is a bold statement to counteract how simple everything else is.
I find that I wear bright lipsticks on the days where I only have about 5 minutes to put makeup on. It's the quickest way to a put-together makeup look.
I mean how hot are these things?

Blog sale is coming tomorrow! Sorry that I keep teasing you. :/

Best wishes!
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  1. I love your solution for a lazy spring day. I also happen to love me a good Ebay purchase. And aren't Sam Edelman's just the comfiest? I seriously love my few pairs just for that reason alone. Same goes for Libby Edelman's.


  2. I love the whole outfit. As simple as it is, it just looks very well put together. :)
    By the way, that lipstick is super pretty!