Channeling Molly Ringwald

If I had a penny for every time I've been compared to Molly Ringwald, I'd probably have enough money to get a couple of gumballs from a candy machine.

To be perfectly honest, I used to have real short hair and when it was red, I definitely saw the resemblance. And there have been plenty of outfits in the past where I was embracing my inner Samantha Baker, maybe subconsciously looking for my Jake Ryan.  See video HERE.
The day before shooting this, I actually found this awesome midi skirt at our Goodwill in Gig Harbor. It was so springy and adorable that I had to get it. And guess what? IT'S A PRINTED DENIM! I'm telling ya, I've got a bit of an addiction. I went to the Goodwill in search of a maxi dress for festival season, which I didn't find, but I came out with a couple of great finds. I should be posting a haul of my recent finds on my channel on Saturday.  

I also broke out a couple of pieces that I totally forgot that I had in my closet - those sandals and the ruffle socks I got from Red Light in the University District in Seattle last year. Hey I remember that day! It was the day that I ran into Macklemore at the thrift store. Can you say serendipity or what? But anyway, my shoes are where I really see the Molly Ringwald influence. I may have been born in 1989, but I still consider myself a child of the 80s, and ruffle socks are definitely channeling my inner child.
The sandals came from Urban Xchange in downtown Tacoma. I feel like I'm a walking advertisement for them some days. Hey Urban, you should send me free stuff!
My top is a knit crop top from American Apparel, and it's one of my favorite staples for summer. I'm curvy, but I've got a little waist, so a high waist paired with a crop top really seems to work for me. I don't mind showing a sliver of midriff once in awhile, especially during summer.
I got my pendant necklace from Paris Heroin Stars, a great Storenvy shop. You should check it out. It's cute.
My belt is thrifted, I think from Urban Xchange again.
I mean look at these shoes. They're so damn cute.
I just wish ruffle socks were more readily available for non-toddlers. I had to get these from a costume shop. Come on, department stores? Don't you want to be at the forefront of bringing back the ruffle socks? I know I do.

Seriously, first overall shorts and now ruffle socks? When are we, 1991?

Best wishes!
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