Festival Fashion: The Perfect Dress

Ever since I heard about the lineup for the Sasquatch Music Festival, I have been planning my outfits for the fest. Seriously. It's not until the end of May, but I'm already trying to figure out what I'm going to wear on those four days. And since SXSW is happening this week and Coachella is next month, I thought I'd start my festival fashion series now so anyone else can start getting ideas.

I've been scouring web boutiques for maxi dresses under $50, and to be honest it's been quite hard to find something that will work for me. I'll explain in a minute. Here are a few that I've been ogling at the last couple of days from favourite online shops Karmaloop and Nastygal.

The two dresses on top are gorgeous (and both on sale on Nastygal), but the sizing is iffy on that website. I'm a 38DD in bra size, and a size 10 in pants and dresses, so neither of these at a size 8 would work. Sigh.
These next two would probably be a lot easier to fit because of the naturally loose fit, but the one main problem here is that I can't wear a bra with them. I ain't that confident to walk around Sasquatch with my sweater puppies bouncing all around. Sigh.
There is one on Karmaloop that I might give in after my next paycheck and get if there's a coupon code that I can use. I've said this before - I'm cheap.
Why have I been looking for a maxi dress specifically? Well, I hate my legs when they're bare. I have eczema all over my calves and they make me self conscious, so I don't rock short dresses without tights very much. Urban Outfitters has a whole festival fashion lookbook right now on their site that I've been drooling over.

I've been especially loving the flower headwrap look, and it will definitely go with my hair once I get this red out of it and I'm back to my natural dirty blonde and my bangs grow out a bit. I'm bored with this hair so much.

There are a couple of pieces that I have already for the festival - a rather ugly collared maxi dress I got from the Goodwill today that is too small for me to button up, but I'll wear it as a duster vest. And I got a fringe mesh (yeah both of them) tank from H&M. At some point I'll be doing an outfit post with these, hence the "part 1" at the beginning of this post.

But there are a couple of pieces that I've got my eye on from Ebay. This one in particular I LOVE. It's not a maxi dress by any means, but the pattern is so vibrant that it would detract any sort of attention from the red splotches on my calves. Plus it looks uber comfy. 
This whole shop Meat Market, on Ebay, is amazing. I'm also watching a pair of Dolce Vita heels from their shop as well.

I've never shopped on Ebay before besides one of my camera lenses, but I might have to look more, because I've found that the prices are cheaper than Etsy.

One last thing that I'm excited to add to my festival gear is this tank I just ordered today (when I say festival gear, I basically mean summer, I'll be dressing for Sasquatch all summer to be honest).
I've literally been looking for a tank top like this for months, and I finally found one on Nastygal for not an obscene amount of money, and it will look super cute with a pair of jeans and wedges for days when I'm not running up and down dusty hills with a giant camera.

Once I have found the perfect maxi dress (that's relatively cheap), hopefully I'll have more planned out for the fest and I can do a part 2!

Best wishes!

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  1. Hey! I found your blog by chance because I've been wanting to go to the New Orleans Jazz Fest for a while now. I've never been to a music festival before but this one in particular doesn't allow cameras inside. Have you ever been to a music fest that had those same rules before? Do you sneak a camera in or does security usually not check? I'm planning on bringing my DSLR or my camcorder (not both). Thanks!