Flower Shower Power

See the rain? Yeah, I was literally running around in the rain here.
It was definitely one of the harder shoots Sarah and I have done. We went down to the one of the old parking lots along Pacific Avenue in Tacoma - where ghost murals are more common than trees. You can see one behind me here.

It was cold and wet and I was bloated, so I had to brighten up my day with some sunny floral leggings. I got these from Target and I absolutely love them. The waist goes up high enough to where I don't have a horrendous muffin top, and the pattern is distracting enough that I can wear them as pants.

Leggings as pants, you say? Yes, leggings as pants. I won't wear solid color leggings without a top that covers my groin area, but pattern ones - who really gives a shit? I say if they're comfortable and you don't have a camel toe, rock them.

I'm daaaaaaancing in the rain, I'm dancing in the rain!

My shoes are from Bakers, and I got them in Vegas back in July. I wore them more than any other shoe last summer, and they are ridiculously comfortable. They're a soft, suede-like fabric, so not as stiff as similar loafers that are leather or vegan leather. I'd love to get a pair of Unif Hellraisers one of these days, to have the full badass spiked effect, but these are my current loves.
My top is actually from Urban Xchange, which is right down the street from where these were taken. I love it so much, especially with that open back detailing. It's been sitting in my closet for weeks while I was searching for a crop cami to wear underneath it. CAN I TELL YOU HOW HARD IT IS TO FIND THEM? IT'S REALLY HARD. I found several crop camis online, but they all were either over what I wanted to pay or had loud patterns or were actually just supposed to be bras. I eventually found THIS top from Victoria's Secret. Keep in mind, it's not true to what the photo shows. I didn't know that it was a sheer lace when I bought it, but it still works I guess. I'll be able to wear it with a bunch of tops, so I'm glad I did buy it. Heck, if I had more balls during the summertime, I might just wear it by itself. Not sure I have that big of balls though.
You can kind of see my earrings here, so I might as well tell you where I got them - one of my favourite mall shops, Fuego. They always have a buy one get one half off on jewelry, and their selection of headbands and headscarves rise above all else.
My lipstick is Mac's Watch Me Simmer, a limited edition lipstick that was released with a couple collections last year. It's an almost-neon coral color, and it's literally summer in a tube. No wonder it sold out so fast both times it was released.

I have so many more cute outfits planned for this blog - I found so many great thrifted finds lately so I hope you're just as excited as I am!

Best wishes!
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  1. definitely hitting up target after this post!

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  3. You're so pretty Abby! And I love your leggings.

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  5. love the leggings.. sold out:( can i buy them from u?