Denim and Dave

Denim is the best fabric to have ever been invented. It's perfect. It keeps you warm if it's chilly out, but it's not so heavy that you overheat. It's the best kinda coat for music festivals. And it doesn't hurt that it never goes out of style.

 We were almost out of light this day, so Sarah and I were racing against the sun, but luckily we found this great red fence. There were a few teenagers gawking at us, as it was just after high school got out and we were right across the street from Curtis High School. Pssh, they wish they were as stylish as we were.

I'd been wanting to shoot this outfit for awhile, but couldn't find a jacket for it. I was planning on finding either a leather jacket or denim jacket from the thrift store. LO AND BEHOLD, I found this Liz Claiborne beauty at the Gig Harbor Goodwill. It is a bit big and boxy, but it's just how I like it. If it gets too cold I can wear a hoodie underneath it and I'm set!
 My leggings are from American Apparel, and my boots are Madden Girl.

 The reason I was so excited to shoot this outfit was this top. It's kind of a dress and kind of a tank top, but it's all kinds of awesome. I bought it along with a Deathly Hallows design tank from a fabulous Etsy seller called TeeTwice. I'm compelled to buy more, because they have a ton of classic rock band tanks that would be great conversation pieces. They took a couple of weeks to get here, but the seller is based in Thailand, so it's understandable.

 I'm a little bit obsessed with Dave Grohl. He was my first dorky rock star crush. So I thought I'd wear his sexy face on my chest.
I have owned a lot of jewelry over the years, but I always seem to lose things or forget I have them or just let them sit in my jewelry box. But I've been wearing this fork bracelet for years. I got it from one of the vendors - the Spoonman at Bumbershoot in Seattle in 2010. I was really sad to see him not at the festival last year. I love this bracelet. It's so pretty and unique that it makes everyone take a second glance.
 I "borrowed" this ear cuff from my sister, not entirely sure where she got it, but I thought it was pretty cool. It's trendy without being like...asshole trendy.
 I actually filmed a tutorial for this look that day too. It was inspired by Lena Dunham on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, and as soon as it goes live on my channel I'll add a new post here.

How do you like the new layout? I wanted to keep the same general theme but make it a bit cleaner. I just love how personalized you can make your blog look with Blogger. It really only took me a couple of hours playing around with the HTML and photoshop for my banner. I can't code for crap, but if I search through all the mumbo jumbo and experiment, I eventually find what I'm looking for.

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Best wishes!
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