Red Lip Series: Tarte Glamazon in Wild!

I realized the other day that I have a lot of red lipsticks. I mean, not an obscene amount like I know some people have, but a good amount for a little series on this here blog!

I figured I'd start with my newest addition to my collection: Tarte's Glamazon lipstick in Wild. It's a deep blue-based red, slightly similar to Mac's Russian Red (which I don't own, btw) but a drastically different finish.
As you can see, it's a glossy to satin finish lipstick. When it first goes on it's quite glossy, but once it dries down it's a nice comfortable satin finish. Tarte boasts that this lipstick is long-wearing, and I can attest to that. I fell asleep in my makeup the other day (I KNOW, IT'S BAD), and I woke up and my lipstick was still on. It wears nicely through eating and drinking, and I lasted a good 5 hours on me, and that's pretty good for me.

I bought this in my quest for a simple blue-based red that wasn't matte, because my lips have been quite dry lately. I did buy the Makeup Forever Aqua Rouge in Iconic Red before buying this, but after I tried it in the store and let it sit for several hours, it got so uncomfortable that I had to use a gloss I had in my bag because I had left the MUFE Aqua Rouge in the car, unopened. After putting the off-brand gloss over the red stain, it instantly started to wear down and became sticky. I want a long-wearing color, but not one that I'm tied down to only use the gloss that comes with it. Because my lips are so dry, undoubtedly the gloss would run out long before the color itself. But I digress. 

I returned the MUFE color in exchange for this baby, and I'm really glad that I did. It's so lightweight but so saturated with color. I guess that comes from the Amazonian Clay that Tarte puts into absolutely everything.
I really love this color - it's just bright enough without being "unwearable" for everyday, and makes my teeth look nice and white. It's really easy to apply also. I goes on like a chapstick, to be perfectly honest, and that's always a plus!
The packaging is cute and everything, and definitely a nice change-up from the vibrator bullet-looking things from Mac, but it's quite large and when you twist the lip color up the whole way, it's really small in comparison to the tube.
I'm so glad that Estee made a video and blog post about this lipstick, because I never would have thought to try it out at Sephora without seeing that video. They don't have a lot of incredibly unique colors, but the staple colors they have are very high quality and great to add to your collection if you don't have certain staple colors (like a blue-based red!).
I'll definitely be rocking this baby through winter to spring. It's a great transition color for the seasons, because you can wear it with so many different looks. Pardon my nasty fingernails, I had just given my puppy a bath, and she was dirty.

You can purchase this lipstick from or, and they're $26.

Here's a little FOTD I did with this color:

Keep on the lookout for more of my red lipsticks, because like I said, I have seven of them. Ha.

Best wishes,
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  1. This is such a lovely colour, really suits you :) x

  2. Love the packaging and that colour looks AMAZING on you!

  3. Buying this in the Tarte F&F! I googled swatches and was like "oh! Abby! Okay, I'm convinced."