Scarves & Stripes

I love scarves. All kinds of scarves. My hair is nice and grown out now, but for two years I had some form of a pixie cut, so scarves were my best friends in the winter. This one I actually got as a gift a couple years ago from my aunt, and it came from Icing, of all places!
On this particular day, Sarah and I actually had a bit of a hard time finding somewhere to shoot. It's always difficult finding places down in Tacoma where there aren't too many people, so we eventually settled here, outside this restaurant in an old building. I liked the brick and rod iron fence.

As you can see, I bundled up and I'm so glad that I did because it was COLD that day. The maxi skirt (which came from TJ Maxx) covered up my legs nicely. And the hi-low sweater (which also came from TJ Maxx) was warm, but loose enough so I wasn't sweating through it. Even though they call it a sweater, you don't always want to live up to its title.
My wedges are from Target, I think two years ago. I've recently been ogling over Jeffrey Campbell 99 wedges, but these are a nice $25 knockoff. I'm still waiting for a sale on the 99s though. These are surprisingly comfortable to wear, but I wouldn't recommend if you are walking around a whole lot, as your feet might start to feel strained.
What I really love about this outfit is that because it's a maxi skirt and the sweater is a drapey hi-low, it looks virtually the same no matter your shape. I will admit, it's a bit of a shapeless outfit, but it's comfortable as all hell, especially if it's that time of the month where you feel especially bloated. No one wants to wear high-waisted skinny jeans when you're bloated. (Truth: I was totally bloated that day).
Also, even if you don't like infinity scarves, can we talk about how much easier they are? I literally wrapped this thing around three times and it looked like this. You'd have to do some maneuvering and tucking to get a regular scarf to look like this.
Here's another video Sarah shot for me of this outfit, featuring music from the new Local Natives album. OH MY GOD the new album is so good. Have you gotten a chance to listen to it yet? Or at least a few songs? Can we all agree that it's awesome? Now we got that out of the way, you can watch this short little clip.

So we've really gotten on a roll here, haven't we? Seriously, Sarah will text me some days like, "Can we do this all the time? Come live with me and you can be my child!" I certainly hope you're all enjoying it, because we aren't stopping anytime soon. If you have any brilliant ideas for outfit themes or posts, please leave comments below because Sarah and I discussed the idea of doing themed outfits (it might make getting dressed easier and more fun some days).

Here, have some food photos. The same day as this shoot I went to my friends Shannon and Melissa's house for a tea party. Really, a tea party.

 Aren't the scones cute? That reminds me, I like cooking - so if you have any requests or ideas for recipes, also let me know in the comments!

Best wishes!
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