Photoshoot Friday: Plaid, pleats, and polka dots

This Photoshoot Friday may turn into a thing. Do you like that idea? I am doing the 365 Project, so it would be doable, especially since I don't work Fridays.

So today's photoshoot with one of my best friends Andrea happened for two reasons.

The first reason being for this contest happening over at Come Junk With Us, a vintage market blog. Every year, they have two big markets in the NW, Ruffles and Rust. This spring's show will feature a poster from one lucky winner that submitted the best artwork for the show. My mom, being an antique dealer, had access to plenty of nice old ruffly dresses. And my best friend Laura has perhaps the greatest yard ever created for vintage type photoshoots. And Andrea is tiny, so voila! We did the shoot today in the almost rain, as well as took some shots for my Etsy page, since I haven't listed anything in WAY too long. Expect plenty of new things this weekend. If you haven't checked out my Etsy page, WHY HAVEN'T YOU YET?

This was the dress mom had for the Ruffles and Rust poster shoot, and none of these are actually the shot I'm choosing to use. I need to keep that one under wraps because I submit next week. Wish me luck though. I'm excited.

This is a sweater mom found at an estate sale, and I originally thought of it as a men's sweater and I was going to have Andy model it, but I love the idea of women in menswear. It is just so much more comfortable! Darn you modern fashion industry and your low waist pants and ill-fitting tops.

My mom and I actually found these earmuffs yesterday when going through old boxes under the house to bring stuff to the Goodwill. I figured these earmuffs might be useful. And they certainly were! Perfect accessories for this swanky little red coat.
I particularly like this outfit. It felt very Rydell High circa 1955. And that tiny motorcycle was totally just sitting there. I didn't even plant that.
I just can't get enough of this hat on Andrea. It doesn't fit me or my sister, but it suits Andrea perfectly. Her hair is very fine and quite flat, so the hat isn't overpowering at all.

So expect a bunch of these items on Etsy this weekend (psst, the fuzzy hat is already on sale).

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