Small Haul from the Body Shop!

I stopped at the Body Shop the other day to replenish my night cream, and I came upon the GREATEST SALE EVER.

Not only do I get my 10% Love Your Body discount, but they had a buy one moisturizer, get one cleanser or toner for FREE!

And I was looking for a new toner anyway, since the L'Egere one from Imomoko is $25 (and I am cheap) and I didn't want to repurchase unless my skin was like dying.

I love everything about Tea Tree Oil, and this night moisturizer is so light and lovely and works well for preventing blemishes. So with this one I picked out my free cleanser.

I have yet to use it, but I'm excited to use it tonight. It smells wonderful and medicinal and for some reason I'm having a breakout on my chin, so I hope this works.

My day cream isn't out yet, but I figured since I was close to having to replenish, I'd just take advantage of the sale while I was there. This moisturizer is perfect for wintertime, especially since I have dry skin. I was debating getting the "Intense Moisture Cream," but I stuck with the old faithful. I love this day cream because it doesn't have SPF. My foundation has SPF in it, and all the SPF moisturizers I have tried before this have broke me out. Damn you SPF! With this one I picked out a new toner.

I used this one last night, and it smells so clean and fresh and I love it! Depending on how it works after a week or so, I may stick with this one, rather than switching back to my Boots Botanics Face Rosewater Toner.

And since it was Valentine's Day, they had all the Chocomania stuff still on display, and I couldn't resist picking up the body butter.
Why have I never used their body butters before? HALLELUJAH is all I can say. I've maybe reapplied twice today, it's it 7:45 as of writing this. SEVEN FORTY-FIVE. That is uncalled for with my skin. I usually am reapplying at least once every two hours. This is amazing, seriously, and I'm so glad too. I love my Lush, but it is EXPENSIVE. So if I can find a cheaper alternative to my beloved Lush products, I am sold. Plus, this smells orgasmic and chocolatey.

And the price of all of these products? $46.73. I saved over $30!

Overall, I really recommend the Body Shop. They have stuff for all skin types - but I especially love their products for dry skin. And they have sales ALL THE TIME. Literally, I get emails all the time about a new sale going on. And who doesn't love sales?

Thank you all for subscribing to this blog, and I greatly appreciate it. I have lots more things to post in the coming days, so expect an influx!


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