Nail of the Day: Berry Graphic

See what I did there? Berry, very? Hah. Puns are fun.

I really liked the manicure I did a couple of days ago, and I figured I'd photograph it before it starts chipping.

I used China Glaze "White on White" and OPI Nicole "Razzle Dazzler" - two coats each, for half of the nails. Then two thin coats of BarryM "Berry" to cover up the seam between the black and white. And of course two thin layers of Seche Vite fast dry topcoat. I love the OPI black, but the brush is really large for doing any sort of artistic manicure, so I had to be delicate in applying it. And I like the China Glaze polish, but it's a bit gunky and thick, so it doesn't apply as smoothly as I would like. However, the BarryM polishes still amaze me.

I didn't even intend on making my nails look like this. I just planned on doing stripes, but once it was done, it reminded me of the graphic novel art aspect of Sin City and Watchmen - very Frank Miller. Like Mod but still kind of subtle. I'll probably repeat this style with a different center color come spring and summer. A bright girly pink would look pretty, or even a yellow. Wait, that might look like a bumble bee.

And just a reminder about my giveaway - it's now closed so if you comment on my video now, it won't count for the giveaway. I'll be picking the winners either tonight or tomorrow morning, so stay tuned!

Thank you all so much for following my blog. I really appreciate it, and now I have more of a reason to update this thing more often. :) I'll hopefully start doing some outfits of the day soon, but I never get anyone to actually take my picture in my stylish duds.

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