On New Love.

This seems to be a theme with these blog lately. I take months off posting something. Then I come back here with a long-winded way of saying, "hey I'm still alive. Shit has changed. All is good. Whatever."

Since the last time I was here, there really has been a lot that has changed. The drama overtaking my life back in February is a thing of the past (save the chapter it still has in my book). While I don't regret any of the events that happened last winter - they helped me grow immensely - I wish I would have moved on faster than I did. I wish I had more foresight. Hey, you live and you learn. I used to say I wasn't one to kiss and tell, but fuck it. I kissed someone (and may have done a lot more with them) and it fucked me up emotionally. It took me months to figure out what I'd done "wrong," come to find out that I didn't do anything wrong to begin with. I just did something a bit stupid. 

But enough of that. 

We've moved on.

Just before New Years last winter, I said that the only "big change" I'd accept in my life this year was falling in love. While it wasn't the love I expected, it's the love I deserve. 

I won't go too much into it, since we are still kind of on the down-low for a couple of reasons, but I'm happy. I'm excited. He treats me the way I know I should be treated, and I love him to pieces. 

I've been in love once before, back when I was still young and had very little experience with relationships and knowing how you're supposed to be treated. Now that I look back on it, I don't quite know why I stayed in that relationship as long as I did. Maybe it was because I didn't like change. But I've experienced so much in the last two years since moving to the city that I can see a red flag coming from a mile away. 

Nowhere to be found with this one.

It's a tad serendipitous, this new love. When was the last time you saw me use that word? Never. I never use that word. But there really isn't any other word to describe what has happened in the last five months. 

I'll stop talking now, if I keep going much longer I'll spill more beans than I'd like. 
But again, this is one of those posts where I tell the few of you that actually read this thing that I'm alive. 

I'm alive. I'm over it. And I'm happy.

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