Perfect OK

I'm back, friends. I'm back with a vengeance. If you hadn't noticed, I did a little design upgrade to my blog. It's mainly because I own this domain now, and keeping different names for things is more complicated than just remembering my own name. I can't mess up my own name.

I don't feel the need to fill you in on what's happened over these last few months since the last time I made an entry here. But it's a lot. If you really wanna know, feel free to head to my YouTube and Instagram. That's where I update the most often, and I'd rather not get into any dirty details here (and there are dirty details, I'll tell you). Once my book comes out, I promise - you'll know it all.
That's something I will fill you in about - I'm still writing a book. Yes, it's actually happening. I don't have any sort of publisher prospect, but that's because I haven't even tried and I'm only like 10 chapters into this sucker. Trust me, there's a lot more to write about. If this thing is going to print, it's going to be the proudest moment of my life.
Another thing - I got my own apartment. So I'm no longer bouncing around couches or living with my parents anymore. I got my own place, all by myself. It's wonderful. I can wear underwear in the kitchen and masturbate in the living room. My view isn't much more than an alleyway, so I keep my window shades drawn. \
I also officially have a new job. I miss my friends at Lush and Hot Topic, but it's nice to know that they're my friends now rather than my coworkers. Retail wasn't in my heart, and you all know that - so I'm excited for this new chapter.
So everything is good, you guys. I'm happy. I'm safe. My heart's a little sore. But I'm inspired. I'm broke as hell until tomorrow. But I'm not dead.
Song: Perfect OK - Hey Marseilles


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