Lush Holiday 2014

Lush Christmas is HERE friends! And I am excited. Like so freaking excited.

Look at it! Look at all the pretty wonderfulness!

Okay I'll get on with it.

First we have the two new shower gels - So White and Hot Toddy. So White is just like the bath bomb - all kinds of crisp green apple glory. And Hot Toddy is just what it sounds like - ginger, cinnamon, orange, and smells like fucking Red Hots and cherry coke. Om nom.
Next is the First Snow dusting powder - that shares its fragrance with Celebrate lotion, and it's filled with silver and rainbow sparkles. SO MANY SPARKLES.
Snowman Shower Jelly smells just like the carrot soap from Easter - buchi, orange, and carrot - but it's legit in the shape of a snowman. Like a snowman jello mold. I should have taken it out of the container to show you. BUT TRUST ME. It's adorable.
The new soaps we got (in the product boxes, there are a couple other new ones) were Yog Nog and Fairy Ring. Fairy Ring is already in stores for Halloween, and it smells just like Silky Underwear Dusting Powder, which doesn't suck. And Yog Nog is like washing yourself with eggnog with all the fixins. I'm in heaven.
Dashing Santa bath bomb is fragrances with orange and bergamot, and smells quite similar to the Satsuma Santa and Father Christmas bath bombs from previous years. Just so you know, Father Christmas is coming back this year - but it smells like Snow Fairy! More Snow Fairy to go around!
Northern Lights is one of two new bath bomb inventions - and it looks like a freaking fire cracker with blue and yellow inside and smells like soft jasmine. Uhhhhhh I'm stoked to use this one.
Butterbear is just how it sounds - Butterball in a shape of a bear. Cute, right?
Wizard bubble bar is just about the cutest thing ever, and smells divine (especially with Lord of Misrule, which I did last night and it was magical). This guy (that actually looks more like Lumpy Space Princess) is filled with fennel, juniper, and tangerine... and shimmer!
I don't know how Drummers Drumming actually smells like D'Fluff, because there's bergamot and gardenia in it, but it's a reusable bubble bar that smells like D'Fluff shave cream nonetheless!
Snow Angel bath melt is one of the products I'm most excited to try - it smells like almond marzipan and it's covered in glitter, so when it melts in the tub it looks like a glittering snowflake and smells like Snowcake soap!
I've used so many exclamation points it's crazy.

Next is Sparkly Pumpkin, which is by far the least creative name ever, but it smells and looks absolutely wonderful in the bath. Similar to Mr. Punch soap, this guy is perfumed with juniper, grapefruit, and lime. So it's a pumpkin that doesn't smell like pumpkin. Okay.
This next guy is pretty darn cute too - the Christmas Hedgehog is a bubble bar coated in a whipped cocoa butter melt, and smells like ylang ylang. Oh how I love ylang ylang.
And last but not least (although it does look the ugliest because the holly crumbled off in transit) is Holly Go Lightly. This little glitter bar is packed with cinnamon, clove, and patchouli - HELLO SPICY CHRISTMAS BATH!

What are you most excited about for Christmas? Obviously this isn't everything in the Christmas collection, because we didn't get any of the returning products in the employee boxes. You can see the entire holiday collection at Lush UK.

Tell me what you're coveting in the comments below! And if you're in the UK, Christmas products are in stores already, so go smell them!

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