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I, for one, am so fucking glad that September is over. I won't divulge into too much, but there has been a lot of health issues with my family this month that I want September to just go away forever. And Fall is here finally, so out come the sweaters and pumpkin everything. Let's all just give a warm welcome to October. I started in on a new book, put away my Summer wardrobe and dug out all the chunky sweaters, and my favorite shows are back on TV. Everything is going to be okay.

I can't remember the last time I did a life update on my blog, but I had a day off today and I thought I'd just sit down and write. I've been hitting up tons of shows lately - last month was Bumbershoot where I got to see We Are Scientists again, Pomplamoose played in Seattle again, and this last weekend I did two nights in a row. Along with all the music, I'm in the process of finding a house in Seattle. Well, my friend Shannon is, but October is looking like the month that I'll finally move out. As exciting as that is, it's also fucking terrifying considering the family health issues going on right now. It's a tough place to be in right now, but I've been trying to look on the bright side of things lately. October is the start of double bonus month at work, and I've been surrounding myself with good people as much as I can.
Last weekend was both stressful and cathartic all at the same time. Mom's fall antique show went off without many hitches, but she didn't make as much as she'd hoped, but it's over for now. So that's one thing off her back for now. But Sunday and Monday made the week that began as shitty as a week could start so much better.

I got to hang out with these guys for the night. And it's never a bad day when they're around.
My good friend Sam was back in town on tour with our friend and fellow musician Lizzy, and it was wonderful. Sometimes you forget the power of great friends and how good they make you feel. And that's what Sunday was for me.
It's honestly crazy thinking about how much as changed in the last year - and so much of that is because of this group of friends I've found myself in. Come to think of it, I haven't done a life update on here since all the Ravenna Woods guys gave me the green light on coming on tour with them and making a documentary. So that's a thing that's gonna actually happen. But seriously, the appreciation I have for these boys cannot truly be measured - not just for their support, but for their honest-to-god friendship. I've been thinking a lot about friendship lately - and I realized that it should never been the lesser option, because when you have someone as a friend, it's for the promise of nothing more than the pleasure of your company. That's fucking awesome.
Seriously, whenever I feel lonely I should just tell myself - "yo, Abby, you have so many people that love you just as much as they would if they were 'in love' with you, but you don't have to worry about those ones breaking up with you." Life lessons from Abby.™

Where did this blog post go? I'm not quite sure. But the moral of the story - September sucked, October will be better, and I really love all the people I've come to know in the last year and I appreciate them a hell of a lot. 

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