Mascara in a squeeze tube? Way to go, Eyeko!

I've been using the same mascara for a couple years now, and you know that feeling you get when you've been using the same product forever? Boredom? You know that feeling? So when I saw that Alexa Chung partnered with Eyeko for a mascara, I couldn't resist. I love Alexa Chung, okay?

I put in my Sephora order the other day, and added on the Brow Liner, because I was also bored with my brow routine. The first thing I noticed - PACKAGING IS SLEEK AS FUCK.
I'm a sucker for pretty packaging, but more so for streamlined packaging that isn't bulky and excessive. Benefit and Too Faced literally have the most annoying packaging that waste so much cardboard, so it's refreshing to see a brand use their packaging for more than just the cute factor.
I tested out the brow liner first, because I do that first, and as you can see my right eyebrow is filled in and the color matches pretty damn well. They say this is a universal color - and while I don't necessarily buy the "universal color" concept, this one matched me perfectly. It did take a wee bit longer than using a powder and gel just to get the right shape, but it's way easier for a one-step process (especially for travel)!
The tip is quite fine, so it's nice for getting precise edges and the end of the brow, but filling in totally takes a bit longer.
Then I tried out the mascara - and I absolutely love it. It's in a freaking squeeze tube, and not a mock squeeze tube like a lot of brands do. Nope, this packaging ensures that you get all the mascara off the edges of the tube so you don't waste any dried product. BRILLIANT! I just wonder why no one else has thought of this yet.
And while it's not as natural as Lush's mascara, it's still got some great ingredients in there. Such ingredients include: shea butter, beeswax, carnauba wax, rapeseed oil, and wheat and corn proteins. Not bad, Eyeko. Not bad.

I wiped off the previous night's mascara that morning (I fell asleep in my makeup, I'm a bad person), but there is still a tad bit of residual product left on my left eye. But the Eyeko mascara on my right eye is so bold while being featherweight on my lashes that I feel like I might have found a new favorite! So far it's easy to layer for fuller lashes without getting clumpy, but this it just one basic coat.
I did finished the other eyes just so you could see how they looked all done, also because I wasn't going to walk out with one brow and one eye done. I'm not that crazy.

Have you tried any of Eyeko's products? I'll have to try the eyeliner once my other liquid liners run dry, but so far I'm digging them as a brand in general. I mean, A SQUEEZE TUBE MASCARA!

Buy it here.

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