Warby Parker Home Try-On | Part 2

 So after last week's set of five Warby Parker glasses, I didn't find quite the right fit for me, so I put in another order. It's free, why not?!

Yes, I am excited. Thanks for the reminder.

Onto the frames!
Walker looked so gorgeous on the site, and the shape is really similar to Finch so I thought I'd love them. But alas - they were too small for my face.
Burke was the last pair I added to my cart this time around, mainly as a longshot just to see how they would look. I surprisingly don't hate them either. The clear bottom is a bit stark for my taste though.Percey was another last minute addition, but I ended up loving these I think the most out of all the frames. The tortoise isn't quite as distracting as the Finch, and the shape - while round - is still flattering my big ol' noggin.Winston was a pair I saw a customer wearing and I thought - those look really cute on her! So I tried them, and like them - a whole lot. I'll have to wear them around though, because they are a bit snug around my temples and I don't know how much that could be changed with a fitting.
The last pair is by far the most "bland" looking frames by the looks of the photo above, but I am in love with the whiskey brown to green fade, and they are big - but not too big for my face.
Walker (see, even the bridge piece is too small), Burke (I feel like Clark Kent in these)
Percey (which I love, but they fell down my nose a lot today), Winston (mom says Winston makes me look like I have a unibrow)
Chamberlain (these are also the most comfortable my face and nose)

Tell me your thoughts below! Do you love the square grandpa-ness of the Chamberlain or the 80s nerd-esque Percey?

Let me know if you've tried any of these glasses!

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  1. I meant to post a comment on your last post but didn't because I was on my phone and the keyboard for commenting is a nightmare... I really like the Chamberlains on you. Not too heavy and a good shape. I just got a new pair and I understand your pain, its such a nightmare to get them right! I've got rather a square face and wanted some that looked a bit more masculine than my old cat eye ones, but they couldn't be straight along the brow because then they made my face really square, and also the monobrow thing. I also can't have really dark ones because I'm so pale and they just take over my face.
    I think go for the Chamberlain, but I quite like Winston too...

  2. With Chamberlain you can see your eyes better...if that makes sense, while they are a bit bland. Percy seems a bit small around the eye area but I love the tortoise too! Difficult choice! -Victoria