Portland | Blue Star Donuts

In all my years of traveling to Portland, I have enjoyed a good doughnut at least once every time I'm down there. But this was the first time I hit up a different doughnut shop than you'd think. I know, GASP.
My good buddy Renee and I had some time to kill before a concert one day, and she'd heard good things about Blue Star Donuts on Unique Sweets on the Cooking Channel. We drove down Burnside, hit up Everyday Music to look for records, then enjoy some "donuts for grownups" as Blue Star calls themselves. They were also featured on Thrillist's list of Best Donuts in America, so I was prepared for some good eatin'.This is their version of the maple bacon doughnut, and I loved it. The icing is not cloyingly sweet, and the bacon bits are way less annoying than full strips of bacon. 
What I loved about Blue Star Donuts was how clean and classy it looked, without looking stale. I could tell whoever worked on the decor had a strong background in graphic design - look at those font choices. Molto bellissimo!
While their flavors were nowhere near as crazy as Tang and Cocoa Puffs, they were by no means boring.
This little beaut was a blueberry bourbon basil. BASIL. YUM. And also not overly sweet. Sweets don't always have to make your teeth hurt.
Sure, Blue Star Donuts isn't open 24 hours a day, they're a bit pricier - but they take credit cards. So that's a plus. Next time you're in Portland, specifically down near the Burnside Bridge, check out Blue Star, especially if it's a sunny day. The place is like all windows, so it's a perfect little midday snack joint. And you can even grab a cup of coffee.
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  1. I can't wait to try these donuts. I used to live in Portland, but moved to Eugene for college and Blue Star opened after that. I have been lusting over the idea of blueberry, bourbon, and basil together. Basil everything, forever.

  2. Your photos are so freakin' gorgeous! I wish Portland wasn't a whole continent away now! :)